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10 – Unnecessary beauty products you shouldn’t waste your money on

Unnecessary beauty products

We live in a beauty conscious world where everyone is making an effort to look their best. Under such circumstances the importance of makeup is paramount. People use all kinds of makeup for a healthy and better looking skin. But is all of it worth the money you spend? Not really. In fact a lot of the makeup that you use can actually be replaced with something you already have or can be omitted altogether as they just waste your money. So in this article we will be telling you about the unnecessary beauty products that you can easily do away with. These products are just cluttering your dressing table and you can go about the decluttering process without second thoughts after reading this article.

Some of the unnecessary beauty products that you can do away with

  1. The specialized skin cream:
    skin cream
    There are a lot of products in the markets which are specified as face cream or feet cream or hand cream. While they are indeed a bit different there is nothing inherently special about them that you need to use such products at all. It is all but a scam to lure the customer into buying such unnecessary stuff and you will manage fine if you have one good cream to use for your skin that also suits your skin type.
  2. Toner: People buy toners all the time but it is important for you to know if you really need it. Toners are only required by those people who have messed up pH levels in their faces. Otherwise it is simply unnecessary beauty products. So can simply avoid using some of the harsher products on your face and use the best of products and there will be no need for a toner anymore. Favor minimalism when it comes to your makeup and make the best out of it.
  3. The cellulite products:
    The cellulite products
    There are no better ways to burning fat than working hard at it. Products are of no good and the sooner you understand this, the more money you save. So the cellulite products are somewhat unnecessary and are of no use whatsoever. So the next time onwards do not spend your precious money on such products.
  4. The Chapstick Brand lipbalm: Among the unnecessary beauty products this is one of the major entries to the list. These lip balms dry up your lips and have some sort of alcohol content. This is a just a vicious cycle where you use these products and have dry lips and then you are forced to use some more of these products. So stay away from such chapstick brand lip balms so that your lips are in better condition and shape.
  5. Anti-Aging hair products:
    Anti-Aging hair products
    If you know the basic science then you are already aware of the fact that hair is already dead. These anti aging hair products are all but a big hoax and you need to stay away from them as much as possible. It is fairly normal for your hair to change the way it looks or the way it feels as you age. But to be honest there are no ways of changing or altering this natural change and it is best to not waste money on such products.
  6. The face sprays: These are only meant for refreshing purposes and do not have any qualitative goodness as such. There are many products with rose essence or other such products. If your skin feels rejuvenated and refreshed after the usage of such sprays you might as well use one. But remember that there is no such inherent goodness in these products that will help your skin. Go about decluttering your house and get rid of these products.
  7. Day cream:
    day cream
    Do not waste your money on buying day cream products. This was only fit to be used in the olden days when women seldom went out. In a day and age of fine moisturizers and night creams you need no such day cream. They are just about a marketing gimmick and will just waste your hard earned money. Make the most of your makeup products and stay away from such misleading products.
  8. The setting gel for eyebrows: If you have unruly eyebrows you probably have used this product once in a while. It is however of little use and only hamper the eyebrows quality. Instead just go for a quick trimming and shaping of your eyebrows and keep them in good shape and a set condition. This is thus one of the unnecessary beauty products that you can easily avoid using.
  9. Facemasks:
    This is a favorite among people who have some skin conditions like dry or oily or chapped skin. You may feel good initially but these face masks do you no good in the long run. In fact you should instead focus on the skincare regime you have as clearly something is amiss out there. With the right skin care routine face masks are just one of those unnecessary beauty products that you can easily avoid using. Instead invest in quality products to keep your skin in good shape and condition.
  10. Treatments for stretch marks: There are so many expensive products in the markets which claim to reduce the stretch marks. This however is anything but true. In fact the stretch marks originate from within the body and there is no way of healing them from outside. So stop buying these over the counter creams and products and focus on simple things such as petroleum jelly or cocoa butter. Work out as well alongside these treatments and you will not have to worry about your stretch marks as they will disappear with time under such a regime.

Final words

Now that you read this article, we sincerely hope that you will only buy the products that you actually need from now on. Minimalism can yield the best results so you should make it your motto when it comes to makeup. Use little but use the best and keep your skin in the best of conditions. Cheers to a beautiful you!

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