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10 unique yet useful shoe rack designs

shoe rack designs

If staying organized and tidy is your thing then having a shoe rack is a must for you. Everyone is likely to find a suitable shoe rack design for themselves no matter what their tastes and preferences. Well kept shoes and are important aspect in enhancing your personality.

1. Rakkido’s manageable shoe rack:

Rakkido's Managable Shoe Rack

This shoe wheel, designed by Rakku designs has shoe pockets into which shoes are inserted with the help of elastic bands. The shoes pockets can be adjusted easily in accordance with the kind of shoe- sandals, flats, sneakers. To pick the shoe, one just has to rotate the wheel. The rack can hold about 20 pairs of shoes and is priced for approximately $49.99.

2. Modular shoe rack:

Modular shoerack

Modular shoe storage has been designed by Antonio Meze and is an extremely stylish way of holding your precious shoes. The rack can hold shoes of varying lengths and so one can shoe off all the different kind of shoes they own simply by putting them all here.

3. Nest floor shoe rack:

Nest floorshoe rack

This space saving shoe rack designed by J-Me can be mounted to the wall. The free flowing, elegant design of the rack can store shoes of varying designs. The rack has two variations with the floor version being sold for $95 and the wall mounted version being $75.

4. Shoe Tree Tulips:

Shoe Tree Tulips

How does a tulip flower bed sound for storing your shoes? Well if that is what you’re looking for then this design is perfect for you. Instead of hiding your shoes in a cabinet, you should invest in getting one of these, hence making sure your beautiful pumps are seen by the world.

5. Collapsible shoe rack:

Collapsible shoe rack

If portability is your thing then this rack is perfect for you. This shoe rack, designed by Nensel Ofis is completely collapsible. You can open as much of the rack as you need and the rest of the shelves will stay folded. It is also great to look at and comes in trendy colors so you do not even need to hide it.

6. Trouble-free shoe rack:

Trouble-Free Shoe Rack

This wall mounted shoe rack comes with an attached movable mirror so you can pick your shoe and make sure it matches your outfit. This rack is extremely convenient for those who are always on the move and have no time to waste.

7. Shumidor:


This ionic shoe deodorizer not only stores your shoes in one place but also makes sure they smell good. To make it even better, all this is done in an eco friendly manner by using biodegradable airisoles. In short this shoe rack keeps your shoes in one place and as an add on even makes sure they’re kept in good condition.

8. Footprint:


This unique and fashionable shoe rack keeps all your shoes in one place, and that too in style. Designed by a UK based designer Charlotte Tangye, this shoe rack combines usability, durability and and fun, all in one.

9. Kickit shoe rack:

Shoe rack designs

Kickit is a multipurpose shoe rack that can hold a bunch of shoes, stay illuminated and can even be used for sitting. This shoe rack is a lot of fun and one can just fling their shoes in and keep looking for them in the nylon bushes. Unfortunately, this rack is a little pricey and weighs 72 kg.

10. Revolving shoe tree:

Revolving Shoe Tree

This shoe rack is priced at approximately $51.99 and can store up to 24 pairs of shoes. It can store shoes of all shapes and sizes and can be ported using an attached steel handle. This rack wins hands down in terms of storing all your shoes in one place.

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