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10 Useful iPhone Apps for parents

Earlier the term application referred to a program that runs on a computer. Acronym for application is apps. But after the invention of smart phones (iPhone), apps are known as those applications which run on handheld device like phone, iPod, tablet, iPhone, etc. Apps usually require the device to be connected to internet. Various features of iPhone apps have proved them very useful for several segment of people like businessmen, doctors, teachers, etc. iPhone apps are very beneficial even for helping parents in effective parenting. iPhone apps assist parents and help them in organizing their work, manage stress and to be entertained. The apps store of iPhone has several apps developed specially for kids and parents. In this write up, we are describing 10 apps, which can be useful for parents and will focus on the ways in which these apps can be used to make fatherhood and motherhood an easy and enjoyable experience.

1. White Noise: It has been seen that the sounds which sooth adults also have the same calming effect on children. Keeping this in mind, the app White Noise was developed. This app has some downloadable sounds in the limited download version. The sounds available in the limited version are those of ocean, fireplace, and rainstorm five more. It offers approximate 40 sounds in the full version. Some of these are sound of airplane, beach, air, boat, car rain, cars, purring of cat, chimes, crickets, crowd, fan, rain, fireplace, frogs, heartbeat, hair dryer, ocean, rainstorm, sprinkler, shower, Tibetan singing bowl, stream, thunder, train, washer, vacuum, and water. Full version costs 99 cents. This application is very useful for parents as baby’s scream is very difficult for them to deal with and White Noise enables the parents to calm the babies with these relaxing sounds. The calming sound from the nature and environment help people as well as babies to sleep. White Noise boasts of thousands satisfied parents and has been talked about in The Washington Post, Health Magazine, and PC Magazine. The features of this app include a user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy and convenient to adjust volume, choose the sound, put alarms and timers, and manage playlists. There is an option to make the sound fade gradually. It also allows you to change the pitch so that a new sound can be created.

2. Kindle: If you enjoy reading, then Kindle is an app you will love as its library is updated regularly with the latest reading material. Kindle is a book-reader application compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone. This app provides a huge collection of copyrighted titles. This software makes available numerous magazines and books for parents as well as kids. This app makes parents utilize the time, which they have to spend waiting for doctors, etc. by reading the book to the kids. You can also make a family book club with the help of this app. This app has some limitations also. The user is provided very limited option to customize the interface. There is no animation provided for turning the page. This app does not allow you to transfer the books of your choice to your iPhone. The user cannot buy books. The help option is not effective.

3. Shazam: The app Shazam can be used to recognize any song, which is being played in the background. The microphone of the iPhone is used to register the song. The app then matches it with its database and tells you the information about the album, artist, and the details of its purchase. This application proves to be very useful in the movie theaters, pubs, and dance clubs. This app can be used by patents also. They can get the information about any song their child listens to and then can get the details about the song and come to know whether the songs are in line with your family’s song standards.

4. GoodFoodNearYou: It is quite convenient to go into any restaurant with your family to eat out. However, this is not sensible as you do not analyze and compare the dining options, which are available to you in the vicinity. The GoodFoodNearYou app is a counterpart of the web based service of GoodFoodNearYou. The aim of both of them is to provide people with the available dining choices. This enables parents to be health conscious and set an example to the children. To use this app, the user types the location and GoodFoodNearYou app will come up with the dining options available around the location typed by you.

5. Sit or Squat: When travelling with kids via road, one of the problems encountered by parents is that at regular intervals the children have to use the rest room. For this, the parents have to search for bathrooms. The SitOrSquat app tells you the nearest bathroom option available.

6. AirMe: Parents click snaps of their children during birthday parties, school plays, school events, and sporting events. Post clicking the snaps, the parents return home and then share the snaps with their friends and relatives. However, this wait time is reduced by the AirMe app. By using this app, you can instantly upload the snaps to TinyPic, Photobucket, Facebook, Picasa, or Twitter. Thus, the hassle of transferring files, sending emails and using an external gadget is removed and thus sharing your kid’s snaps becomes very easy.

7. MyLite Flashlight: An iPhone screen emitting white light is not a very fancy feature to attract people towards the iPhone. However, the use of this feature is extensive. This feature is more important for parents while dealing with the safety of the children.

8. Remember The Milk: The website Remember The Milk also provides the Remember The Milk app. These two provide the users with tools for making lists and managing their tasks. This feature is free for those users who pay for the web site. The app keeps things and activities organized for you when you handle office, home, shopping, children, etc.

9. iTalk Recorder: The iTalk recorder comes handy when parents are away from their children and desire to hear their voice. This is an application, which enables you to record voice. The limited version of it enables you to store sound files on your iPhone. These files can be uploaded to your PC.

10. Dinner Spinner: Parents find it very difficult to answer the question “What are you cooking for dinner?” from their children as they are not able to cook varied recipes everyday. Dinner Spinner app is very useful for such parents. This app is powered by It enables you to select recipes according to the ingredients available with you.

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