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10 high rising tree houses for modern nomads

Blue forest tree house

We all must have built a tree house in our childhood which mainly served the purpose of a play house or a secret den and probably we still believe that tree houses are meant for little kids only. But today, tree houses also serve as architectural wonders. The high rising structures are not only being used for play dates, but also for family homes, restaurants, guest bedrooms, offices and romantic dates. Here is a list of 10 high rising tree houses meant for the modern nomads.

1. The nest

The Nest

Designed by Roderick Romero, the Nest is a tree house located in the forest of Yelm, Washington. Attached to an airplane cable 23 feet above the ground, it is a lofty perch that sways to and fro in the wind and allows you to observe and view the world just like a bird. The tree house is made up of reclaimed teak, mahogany and cedar woods, twigs, reeds and vines with the roof made of cedar and copper.

2. Free spirit eco sphere

Free Spirit Eco Sphere

Designed by Tom Chudleigh and located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the free Spirit Eco Sphere is a handmade hanging tree house made from local woods and fiberglass. Anchored on nearby trees, each sphere can accommodate around four people. A spiral staircase around the tree trunk leads to the entrance of this hanging tree house.

3. Finca bellavista

Finca Bellavista

In the jungle of Costa Rica off the Pacific coast is located the Finca Bellavista, a tree house community who have built up a network of tree houses among the canopy of the rain forests. Founded by Matthew and Erica Hogan, the Finca Bellavista consists of a dining hall, bath house, campfire ring, open-air lounge with WiFi, wedding garden and are connected to each other with the help of sky bridges and can also be accessed by ladders and stairs from the ground. These tree houses serve as excellent temporary getaway from our modernized life.

4. Yellow tree house

Yellow Tree House

Located near Warkworth, north of Auckland, the Yellow Tree House or the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant is a pod-shaped structure built 10m above the ground on a redwood tree. The tree house can be accessed by an overhead tree-top walkway which is partly built from redwood. Each pod is built using thin strips of redwood and poplar which allows natural light to enter inside the cafe from all sides. The tree house can accommodate 30 seating to 50 standing guests at a time.

5. 4Tree house

4Tree House

Designed by Lukasz Kos, the 4Tree House is located near Lake Muskoka in Ontario, Canada. Shaped like a lantern, the 4Tree house floats within the fir trees. The framed walls of the tree house filters daylight into the rooms like a tree canopy and glows like a lantern at night. It has three floors with a bedroom on the first floor and two open-air upper floors.

6. Beach rock village tree house

Beach Rock Village Tree House

Shaped like a UFO, the Beach Rock Village Tree House is located in the midst of a Japanese jungle. Designed by Kobayahsi Takashi, this tree house is high above the ground and stands out bold against the sky at night. Wrapping the main trunk of the tree is the alternative arrangement of a number of wooden platforms and stairs leading to the entrance of this high rising tree house.

7. Sky high

Sky High

Anchored 130 feet above the ground on an Austrian pine tree, the Sky High tree house is located on the Saleve Mountain in France. The tree house is supported by a hidden ring that bears all its weight and the bedroom window provides an excellent view of Lake Geneva. It might take a long time to climb the spiral stairs to reach the tree house, but it is bound to be a lifetime experience for anyone who stays in this tree house.

8. The spiral house

The Spiral House

Located in the Rambouillet Forest in France, the most fascinating thing about this tree house is its spiral stairway. The designer has made a great choice by turning the branches of the tree into the steps of the staircase instead of just chopping them off.

9. The learning tree

The Learning Tree

The French company La Cabane Parchee had been assigned by the parents of 4 little girls to build this learning tree house on a single large oak tree. The parents wanted their daughters to learn more about nature and their surrounding environment and so this tree house was built accordingly. It consists of two pretty houses and a terrace with a table inside the house with the names and images of the surrounding trees engraved on it.

10. Lifepod


Designed by the Kyu Che Studio, the Lifepod is a tree house that can be assembled and moved to any desired location. It is an oval-shaped cabin which can be anchored high above the ground on nearby trees with the help of adjustable cables and steel legs. It can be used as a guest room or a small office and can accommodate two people for many days.

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