10 Best eco toys for your kids

A toy is a baby’s bounty, a toddler’s treasure and a child’s prize to cherish! A toy is a child’s best friend- its playmate, soul mate, confidante and even its alter-ego! A toy is a part of every child’s growing up. Every child needs a toy to share and care in life’s busy thoroughfare. In today’s wild world, of pollution and contamination, of toxic chemicals and putrid waste, it is the prime responsibility of every parent to ensure that his/her child grows up in a healthy and eco-friendly, non-hazardous environment and learn the importance of ecological conservation. The first step towards achieving this is to surround your sweetie with safe eco-friendly toys and toys that educate eco-friendliness.

Welcome to the Eden of eco-friendly toys:

1. Lug your green tugboat toy

Let your kiddo tour the world of your toddler-dreams with this cute and colorful tugboat toy, made entirely from recycled plastic. Priced at $9.99, this tug from Ideal world is ideal for your kid to play with. Your child can push the boat underwater, set it sail, watch its hull fill up and pour the water out through the spout using a handle.

2. Launch a rocket into eco-space with this rocket play-house

Who on earth wouldn’t like to play in a playhouse? And that too, if it’s shaped like a rocket, wow! This rocket playhouse from Nigel Ecostore, is definitely robust, being made of recycled cardboard and is ideal for kids up to seven. It is also compact, being foldable when not in use. Priced at $32.95, it can also be individually decorated, inspiring our artistic talent. Watch your tiny wonders while away their time pleasantly in this rocket-playhouse. Maybe it will inspire them to be future astronauts.

3. Embark on an eco-tour in this enlightening eco-house

This eco-house from Wonderworld is truly awesome and attractive, enlightening and educative, informative and ideal for your child. Fabricated from rubber wood, this eco-house inculcates eco-friendliness into your child with its solar-panels, wind turbine, water butt, electric bike and recycling bins. A price of £99 is definitely worth the educational benefits of this toy. Imagine learning to care and conserve your environ at such an early age – wouldn’t your child grow up to be a conservationist?

4. Select this Six-In-One

Incite the scientific spirit in your child by getting this Six-In-One Solar Kit from OWI. Watch your budding scientist transform this plaything into a revolving plane, airboat, car, puppy and solar windmill, all operated on solar energy. This exciting mix and match combination keeps your child totally engrossed while teaching him eco-friendliness. En route, your kid has ingrained the hi-tech concept of renewable solar energy and that too at a down-to-earth price of $12.99 only.

5. Play along with this Pull-Along

An elephant is an enigma for every child. Its queer shape and cute character embeds itself in the heart of every child and there is seldom a child who does not like it. Buy your baby this fabric-made pull-along elephant toy called Noah form Frank & Fischer. With wheels made of rubber wood, this soft and cuddly elephant pull along comes for a song at $45.99.

6. Dote on this dumper truck

Let your child make an early start learning the necessity and nuance of recycling with this colorful Dumper Truck. With its detachable wheelie bin, a tipping back, lights and sounds. I, this Metropolitan Heavy Duty Dumper Truck, fabricated by Early Learning Toys, is priced at 30 pounds.

7. Walk the eco-trail with this eco-bike

This eco-bike, from Wishbone, is just right for your ready-to-walk-toddler. With no wheels, this bike made from sustainable wood, is movable only by your toddler’s tread. From a tricycle for toddlers, it can be easily converted to a bike for older kids. Priced at 175 pounds, this eco-bike is your escape into an eco-world.

8. Have a cup of tea with my eco-kettle set

Ethnic Superstore offers you this eco-friendly tea set made from recyclable milk bottles. Priced at 22 pounds, this tea set comprising of 17 pieces, is ideal for your kid’s tea party.

9. A Jurassic Jamboree with Bioviva’s Tyrannosaurus

Go on a pre-historic pilgrimage with your kids, assembling Bioviva’s Tyrannosaurus made entirely of recyclable cardboard. Bit-by-bit, these 51 pieces assemble into an awesome and terrifying Tyrannosaurus. Priced at 17.25 pounds, what a treat!

10. Grow a Garden with John Lewis’ Garden Box

Hone your child’s horticultural skills by buying this John Lewis’ Garden Box at just 12.95 pounds. With cornflower, sunflower, nasturtium and cosmos seeds, this garden box teaches your kid to develop the tricks of the gardening trade. The box has a wooden box, plant markers and colored pencils too.

Educate your child in an eco-friendly way by buying an eco-toy today!

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