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10 Common mistakes to avoid getting home accidents for kids

The first fact about accidents is that, they are mighty unpredictable. That is why they are called accidents after all, I guess. Another part about accidents is that, something always breaks and somebody or the other is always hurt.

However, when it comes to kids, you should really know that accidents are inevitable. After all, their sheer sizes are a surety that they are powerhouses of mischief and rowdiness. Nevertheless, kids without this trait of theirs are in a way lifeless, personally at least. There is something about their sparkly eyes and invincible attitude that really attracts me to them.

However, what if it is your fault for a change? No of fence, I am sure that you do the best that is possible for your kids including protecting them, but you are after all human being and therefore, granted to make mistakes.

Anyhow, let us examine some ways in which you can actually prevent some accidents from happening, especially at home.

Dotting the ‘I’s and ‘T’

The first things that you can do are clear away or teach your kids to refrain from keeping toys lying around. Seriously, the number of kids and adults who manage to break their necks for such a reason are uncountable.

Also do not forget your little lass or lad might love to sneak up on you from behind. Please make sure that you discourage this as soon as you can. Their sheer small size and your small size is a recipe for disaster.

Next off is; make sure that you keep medicines, cosmetics and bottles, which contain any chemical away from them. Trust me missises, just screwing the tops is not enough anymore. The kids of the new generation are smart and before you know, the content could go down their little throatiest.

Children and pets is not always a good idea. Make sure that you supervise such occasions very closely as your invincible bundle of joy may decide to poke the pet and the next thing you know, you could find some teeth marks on your baby’s skin.

You might really care about their comfort, but seriously do not keep practicality at bay. Stuffing too many toys, pillows, blankets and other things might just successfully choke them

Developing Habits

Electricity can be a cause of great trouble when you have a fast growing kid. Make sure that you keep such things as far as possible from them. Also, be very cautious if your kid or kids have friends over. This is the best time for them to brew trouble and spread the message.

Safety at home also comes with how clean you keep your house. Kids have this affinity for gulping down metallic objects. Just make sure that some of your loose change does not end up in your kids’ stomach.

Having stairs and banisters at home are nothing short of trouble as your kid or kids will try to slide down some and skip some just to be on the ‘cool’ side, make sure that you prevent it.

Unless you want that your kids have their eyes taken out, hide those sharp objects away. Be it needles, scissors and knives.

Check what kind of toys your kids play with. Hand them toys, which are suitable for their age and check what kind of materials go into making them.

Be very cautious while cooking at home in front of their kids. Kids are in some strange manner always attracted to dipping their little fingers in the hot cooking oil and see.

Also, be very sure to steer away from lighting crackers for some good moons, as your kid may just be interested to touch them while lit.


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