Youth Smoking Diminishes in Canada!

As told by Health Canada, year 2004-05 showed diminishing rate in cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption among the Canadian youth.

According to the estimates of Youth Smoking survey only 5 to 9 percent of students were found to be smoking cigarettes and using tobacco out of the 29,000 Canadian youth.

Mostly, boys prefer both these practices whereas girls found to be engaged in smoking only. Average age reported to be starting from 6months to 11.8 years.

This research shows quite better results regarding the student’s discarding to take up smoking and tobacco use.

I believe it to be remarkable outcomes showing very less number of youths to be engaged in smoking activities.

Moreover, the average age found to be quite striking staring from very little age, here it is needed to be takes care of and Canada Health will surely take some vital steps in this regard.


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