White wine is your way to a glowing skin and good health

White wine is a favorite beverage of many. This delicate drink not just quenches your thirst at elegant dinner parties and soirees but also gives you several health benefits. Drinking white wine in moderation along with white meat and fish is believed to prevent aging and make one’s skin glow with health. Wine is made with the skin of grapes. Grape skin contains some very beneficial antioxidants.

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Red wine contains the grape skin but white wine does not. This fact does not make white wine any less healthy. White wine consists of the other parts of grape that offer amazing health benefits. White wine revitalizes your health from within and keeps you from falling ill. When you are healthy your skin starts glowing as well. In the following some of the benefits of drinking white wine have been enumerated.

Prevents diseases

 breast cancer

Scientific studies have found that the antioxidant content of white wine is sufficient for preventing diseases like breast cancer and lung infections. In the course of a medical research conducted by University at Buffalo School of Medicine the team of researchers found that individuals who consume white wine regularly for a long time are less likely to be affected by lung diseases. The researchers of Wisconsin University have found that white wine can protect the breast cancer affected cells from damage just as well as red wine.

White wine reduces the signs of aging

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White wine has high amount of antioxidants like polyphenols and resveratrols that slow down the aging process. Antioxidants from the seeds and pulps of grape help in combating toxins inside your system. Toxins are known for their harmful effect on your immune system and physical vitality. Wine removes the toxins from your system and protects your organs from further damage.

Reduces acne

 Acne Problems

Not just teenagers but also adults are bothered by acne problems. Acne is a type of skin infection that leaves dirty marks on the skin. To get rid of acne one should drink a glass or two of good quality white wine. Polyphenol of wine is known for decreasing the acne inflammation and soothing the affected areas. Wine also reduces the level of free radicals inside your body that are indirectly responsible for acne problems.

Rejuvenates dry skin

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Dry wines contain high levels of alpha hydroxyl acids such as citric acid, tartaric acid and malic acid. When your skin becomes dry, no makeup can make you look youthful. If you do not take preventive measures for curing the dry skin then it may make you look aged. Fine lines and wrinkles may also start prematurely showing up on your skin due to dryness. Dry wine can help in reviving the lost hydration of your skin and give you back your healthy glow.

Nutrition is good for skin too

 Attractive Hair and Skin

Like every other part of your body your skin also requires proper nutrition. Apart from antioxidants, wine also offers phosphorous, potassium and fluorides that help in nourishing the skin. Dry white wines do not contain as much calories as sweet versions of white wines. A glass of wine offers 80 calories. But if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise along with good food then the wine can definitely make your face glow.


These days some high-end parlors are offering wine facials that rejuvenate the skin cells and make you look younger than your age. If you are a non-drinker, then trying a wine facial might prove to be beneficial.

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