Vegetarian diet plan

Eating only plant based foods leads to weight loss. However, the way of eating matters immensely when you are looking to reduce weight while following Vegetarian Diet Plan. Dieters can lose weight by consuming between 1200 to 1500 calories per day. You must consume all your calories from plant based foods.

Breakfast Tips It is the meal which stimulates metabolism of the body. Dieter must consume light and healthy breakfast meal which keeps you full till lunch time. Smoothie is a perfect breakfast option if you wish to have breakfast while going to work.

On the other hand, there are plenty of healthy alternatives such as fresh juice, fresh fruits, protein powder, milk and cereal. It is recommended to have a low caloric breakfast. Avoid eating high calorie foods such as peanut butter. Omelets and eggs must also be considered as banned for yourself.

Lunch Tips Packed meals are the best alternative option for the mid day meal. For most of the dieters, sandwiches would be a great option. You may eat a sandwich at Subway. You are allowed to enjoy all kinds of vegetables in the lunch meal. Opt for your favorite veggies to have a delicious lunch.

Vegetable sandwich is highly recommended to the dieters because they are low in calories. Always choose brown bread when you are planning to have a sandwich. Salads can be another option for you. Use olive oil in preparation of the meals.

Dinner Tips Dieters must end the day in a healthy manner. Eat your favorite steamed veggies with brown rice and soup. You are free to use herbs and seasonings to have the perfect dinner meal. It is recommended to eat fruits as dessert. Rice and beans can also be good options in this diet. You may opt for pasta and rice.

Avoid eating snacks like butter, peanut butter, potato chips and candy.

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