Ultrasound can replace painful, invasive lung surgery: Study

ultrasound could now be used to treat lung traumaWhen we talk of ultrasound scans, its pregnancy diagnosis that straight away flashes in our mind without any effort. The relatively inexpensive, portable and safe technology is widely used for obstetric sonography.

Most people tend to choose this technique when the diagnosis of muscles, tendons, and many internal organs are required; especially because of it’s not using the hazardous ionizing radiation.

With the rising use of ultrasound in diagnostic procedures, scientists are all arms to venture new avenues with its implications. And, in such a bid, researchers hope that the painless, non-invasive procedure can be used for a quicker and painless treatment of internal lung injuries!

Yes, the procedure if successful, can replace the painful, invasive lung-surgery caused by trauma such as car accidents, which cannot be treated by standard procedures.

Thus, ultrasound can eventually be used to penetrate deep into the body for delivering the energy to the bleeding very accurately – leading to a safe, quick and accurate surgery without having to suffer that during and post-operative pain and healing.


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