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People all around the world are suffering from two common health issues. These health issues include cholesterol related problems and blood sugar level related problems. Have you ever conducted a research or observed what has led us all into these vulnerable health issues? Probably you have not.

Let me give you a clear idea of what causes all these issues in human beings. The answer is your daily diet. Eating all kinds of junk food, consuming excessive meals, no balance in diet and unhealthy lifestyle are the major reasons behind the development of these harmful diseases.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet is the ultimate solution of getting rid of cholesterol issues. It is also known as TLC Diet.

Who should take TLC Diet?

Patients suffering from high cholesterol levels, heart diseases and those who are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke should start consuming TLC Diet in their daily life. The working of TLC Diet is quite simple.

It lowers the cholesterol levels in result reducing the risk of heart diseases to develop. It also limits the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in your body. The best part is that TLC Diet is not only necessary but it’s also healthy in every aspect for patients. When you remove fats from your body, you will start feeling more energetic and younger.

How to Take TLC Diet?

Fats Limit the intake of saturated fats down to 7% of your total calories/day. Up to 30% of daily fats come from calories. Consult your dietitian to know how many fats you should consume daily according to the calories you consume.
Cholesterol Its intake should be strictly limited to 200 mg or less/day.
Sodium Not more than 2.4mg/day. It is better to consume less than 2.4mg/day as it prevents high blood pressure.

Is TLC Diet an Appropriate Solution?

Yes, TLC Diet is an appropriate solution when you are looking to reduce or prevent cholesterol and heart diseases. TLC Diet is not highly differentiated from other heart disease preventing diets. However, in TLC Diet the amount of fat and cholesterol intake is restricted to the minimum level which is why it is extremely effective. In this way, your body is able to fight against the heart diseases or cholesterol issues you are facing.

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