Things you should know about IBS-C

Constipation is bad and it means different for different people. Some people experience sudden constipation that lasts for a short time, while others keep experiencing this trouble every now and then and the symptoms remain there for a long time. This is the difference between an occasional and chronic constipation.

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In case, you experience belly pain or any such discomfort along with your constipation, there is a possibility that you are suffering from IBS-C (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation). It keeps coming back and the symptoms are long lasting. Twenty-five percent of the time the stool is hard or lumpy, while for the other 25 % of the time it is loose and watery stool that comes out. Following are the major case of IBS-C:

Sensitive nerves

People with IBS-C experience belly pain and other such discomfort because they have extra sensitive nerves in their intestine.

Brain-bowel connection

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Severe change in bowel movement and stomach pain and other discomfort related to IBS-C could be a result of a miscommunication. When miscommunication takes place between the brain and bowel gut that this problem arises.

Fluid absorption

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When the muscles in the colon move too slowly, they start to absorb too much of fluid from the stool. Less fluid in the stool makes it too hard and dry, thus making it extremely difficult for a person to pass it.

After learning the basic causes, now it is time for you to learn the IBS-C triggers:

Foods that trigger constipation

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Food reactions and food allergies play significant roles in making people suffer from problems such as constipation or diarrhea. Certain foods trigger diarrhea in some people, while in others they trigger constipation. Therefore, an individual needs to understand what food affects him in which way. For instance, many people suffering from IBS-C see improvement when they eliminate foods like corn, egg and wheat from their diet.

Artificial means of evacuating bowels

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Without realizing much, people get ready to use artificial means of pooping. Using enemas or laxatives to poop on a regular basis makes your body dependant on them. Their everyday usage tells your brain that you cannot pass stool on your own, and it actually happens. Stop using these helpers, except for the times when situation actually goes out of control.

Unnecessarily pushing and straining on the toilet

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You should understand that our body system has a design that makes us pass poop automatically and naturally when it is time. You should not try to make it pass trying unnecessarily pushing and straining your system, or else you could end up suffering from serious anal fissures and hemorrhoids.


IBS-C is a painful condition. One can treat the occasional constipation using some natural remedies bot for treating a chronic one, it is better to seek medical help.

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