Students embrace anti-bird flu campaign in Thailand

This time Thailand does not want to leave any stone unturned to keep bird flu away from its boundaries. Moving ahead with this mission, Thailand is launching a campaign across its 40,000 schools, to provide important information to the students in order to ward off the deadly bird flu virus.

The organizers of this campaign revealed in this context:

Posters and pamphlets will promote frequent hand washing, early reporting of sick or dead birds, and safe poultry-cooking practices.

In order to augment awareness about the implications of bird flu amongst students, their teachers will be provided with new curriculum. The organizers of this campaign are fully convinced that when children will be informed about this information, then surely this information will spread amid other people who do not go to schools.

This step taken by the government of Thailand is really commendable because Thailand is one of those countries, which have been hit hard by the deadly bird flu.

The most recent fatality announced in Thailand was a 59-year-old farmer who died in August after touching dead chickens with his bare hands.

Via: yahoo

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