Step by step guide to a clean face

For a blemish free, acne free and glowing face, it is necessary to clean your face regularly throughout the day.Following is a stepwise guide to keep your face clean.

Step 1

It is important to clean the oil and dust accumulated on your face. No product will work if the face is not clean. You can use water or toner if you have a dry skin. After washing the face, use a cleanser to exfoliate the left over oil or dirt. Oil and dirt free skin absorbs the essential organic ingredients well. Exfoliating helps in cleaning the pores and opening them up for further treatments. If the skin pores are clogged with oil or dirt then, it leaves no space for the serums or essential oils to pass through them.

Step 2

After cleaning, apply acne treatment or skin irritation lotions suggested by the dermatologists. You can apply retinol during the day too. It helps in fighting wrinkles and hence using them during the day can also be effective. Always remember to apply sunscreens after applying retinol to the skin.

Step 3

The third step is to apply hydrating serum. Serums are different from moisturizers. Serums provide hydration along with antioxidants. The best serums are the ones that contain glycerin, aloe vera or other organic extracts. These ingredients naturally hydrate your skin from within. It is recommended to use SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF and Teoxane RHA Serum for the dry skin. You can use Environ Ionzyme Frown Serum or SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel to fight wrinkles.

Step 4

After applying serum, it is important to lock the moisturizer the skin has. You can do it by applying oil to it. Light oils such as argan and rosehip seed oil can be used. They fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. Moisturizer needs to be present in the skin to keep it away from drying. Moreover, a perfectly hydrated skin looks youthful and healthy.

Step 5

After this, it is essential to apply sun screen lotion. UV radiations are the most harmful to the skin. Hence, applying the sunscreen can keep other ingredients from getting absorbed and causing negative effects on the skin. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before you wish to go out in the sun. The effects of the sunscreen begin only after a few minutes after it is has been applied.


It is important to keep your skin clean and dry all the time. Accumulation of oil or dirt can lead to skin problems that can become serious sometimes.

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