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Stem cell research breakthrough: Human skin cells reprogrammed to mimic embryonic stem cells


Scientists hailed the breakthrough in stem cell research when two teams of researchers reported their success in reprogramming human skin cells mimicking the embryonic stem cells poured in.

This was achieved by inserting four genes into the skin cell but how these combinations reprogrammed to mimic embryonic stem cells remains a mystery. The reprogrammed skin cells could be slightly different from the actual human embryonic cells and comes with the potential risk of introducing a cancer gene and scientists hope that this problem will soon be overcome.

So far, the stem cells had to be harvested by utilizing women’s unfertilized eggs to make embryos and then destroying it. This method raised an ethical debate as opponents condemned techniques that destroy life. The new breakthrough could put an end to the raging debate and scientists can concentrate on overcoming the obstacles fueling further hopes of cure for diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes and cancer.

The constant shortage of human embryos was making stem cell research financially expensive and slowdown of the research; the new milestone could speed up the research as they no longer have to wait for the women to donate eggs for research.


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