Soy milk vs. skim milk: Which is healthier?

Soy milk or skim milk

Even as both the soy milk and skim milk are known for their proven health benefits, a debate over the possible disadvantage of skim milk over the soy milk has commenced recently following the findings of a few research studies. These studies have shown that soy milk and other soy products disrupt the process of hormone production and its function in the body. Some also suggested the carcinogenic effects of soy milk, especially its likelihood to cause breast cancer in women. However, many other researchers doubt the findings of these studies. They say the real effects could be ascertained only after a detailed study over a long period of time. Similarly, the use of skim milk is also contested because of its high lactose content. Meanwhile, most of the users are left in the dark over the right choice. This article examines the benefits and negative effects of both the products to help you make the right choice according to your needs.

Is there a right answer?

Yes. There is a right answer. Both the products should be taken according to the requirements of your body. Soy milk has been found to have some negative effects on men, women, and children. But the negative effects generally occurs when consumed in excess. This applies for all other food items as well. But the soy milk provides multiple benefits as well, especially for those who are allergic to regular cow milk. This is why the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has categorized it as a safe food option. You should reach to a conclusion only after matching your body requirements with the benefits that both the items provide. And, unless you are highly allergic to any of the product, none of the them will harm if consumed moderately.

The soy milk


Soy milk is artificially produced by cooking, grinding and refining natural soybeans. It has been traditionally used as an alternative to milk in many countries and by people who are allergic to the lactose content of milk. It is free from lactose and any kind complex fats like cholesterol. It provides the same amount of regular fat like milk which is digested easily.

Soy milk contain pr0-biotic sugars like satachyose and raffinose. These two substances help boost the immunity level. Also, its consumption doesn’t result in diabetes.

Besides, it contain high level of calcium, vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B types like riboflavin, folate and B12.

In comparison to the skim milk, soy milk contain more fibers which help improve the digestive system and it doesn’t contain unnecessary fat.


As compared to the skim milk, soy milk contains no vitamin C and provides less protein. It contains phytoestrogen which is a type of plant-derived chemical. This may hamper the thyroid function in women and enhance menstrual bleeding if consumed in excess. It may also cause reduced testosterone production in men when consumed in excess. The isoflavone content can cause fatigue, constipation and body aches in women. A few inconclusive research claim that soy milk consumption may also induce breast cancer. Although, there is no consensus on its bad effect on children, health experts suggest limiting its use for the kids.

The bottomline

Health experts agree that any negative effect from soy milk will take place only after excess consumption. Besides, it has been found that some faulty industrial process of soy milk production fail to remove the toxins. It is hence advisable to consume soy milk produced by authentic manufacturers only.

The skim milk


Skim milk is produced in a dairy after removing the fat contents from cow’s or buffalo’s milk. Thus, it is naturally low in calories and cholesterol. Also, it contains high amount of riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D or calcium. Like the soy milk, the sugar in skim milk has low glycemic contents which help maintain a proper metabolic function and doesn’t result in sudden spike of the insulin levels. It also contains high amount of protein and potassium.


Many people are allergic to the lactose content of the skim milk. It doesn’t contain necessary fat for those who may require. It contain some hormones of the animal which contribute to the body fat even though most of the fat content is skimmed before sale. Also, excessive consumption has been found to cause diabetes in the long run.

The bottomline

Skim milk is now used by many as a safer option than soy milk. However, its use should be regulated according to your body’s requirement and not because of its popularity as a ‘safe option’.

Wrap up

Every food item has certain advantages and disadvantages. It depends on body’s requirement, ability to digest different items, availability and popularity. But nothing should be consumed on the basis of popularity only. It is better advisable to consult a good health expert if the confusion persists as s/he will be able to judge the dietary requirements of your body and make proper suggestion.

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