Say hello to heavier weights for a better physique

Lifting heavy weights could bring a lot of changes in your body that you probably never imagined. It would improve the overall metabolic activity of your body including the function of the brain, heart and secretion of hormones.

Building muscle and getting a good physique

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With heavier weights, you add more muscle to your body. There are several benefits of having a muscular body including getting a good admirable physique. Not only you look better, you get strong bones, which mean that there are less chances of getting osteoporosis. There is better use of energy in the body as the number of insulin receptors in the body increase. Overall, there is less risk of you getting heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Losing calories and fat

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The general notion is that you would lose more calories with cardio exercises. There is more metabolic stress on the body by lifting heavy weights. The energy expenditure after the work out is more in lifting heavy weights than in steady state cardio exercises. You end up losing more calories and eventually more fat. By lifting heavy weights it’s actually more work in the background.

The connective tissues and bones are strengthened

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The connective tissues can be prevented from degeneration by lifting heavy weights. Osteoblasts are cells that help in the formation of bones, when a body is subjected to heavy weights these cells are strengthened along with tendons, ligaments and collagen. The body gets used to performing under load, which is especially beneficial for the athletes. Athletes can save their body from injuries due to sudden stress.

When you train slowly with the heavy weights, there is some damage to the connective tissue. With adequate rest before the next round of heavy weights, these connective tissues repair themselves and become stronger than before.

Improving the various metabolic activities of the body

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After certain tests and studies, scientists have concluded that lifting heavy weights produces some results that lightweights cannot produce. When you lift heavy weights all the regions of the brain gets activated, which is not the case with lifting lightweights. Lightweights do not train the high threshold muscle fiber, which actually have a greater capacity to grow.

Just like any other area in life, lifting heavy weights too requires technique and guided training. We would recommend you to train under a proficient instructor, at least for a couple of months in the beginning.

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