Hair hacks for days you aren’t willing to wash your hair

You wake up to a super lazy day and you just are not ready to wash your hair. However, you want to look the pretty you as usual on your lazy day as well. No problem, as you can use these clever hair hacks to look your best despite leaving your hair unwashed.


girl with creative hair-do

Braids are your savior when it comes to a bad hair day or a day when you find a head wash to be the most annoying thing. You cannot go wrong with a braid, as there are plethoras of options you can consider. They save time and make you look pretty with your unwashed hair too.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos do it all. They know how to make your unwashed hair look all fresh and clean. Put it all over your hair including rots and then blow-dry it. You will be amazed to have clean and fresh hair in no time, which is so unlike a proper head wash.

Messy Knot

Young woman with casual messy bun hairdo

There are numerous types of messy knots, and believe me, they look lovely. You all can try one of these knots and especially the ones with curly locks because it makes a super cool knot with curly locks. You feel your hair are greasy but do not want to wash your hair, simply tie back your hair in a messy knot and go pretty.

Baby Powder

Baby Powder

Yet another fantastic trick for all you lazy lasses is baby powder. Sprinkle some of it on your fingers and pass them through your hair, ensuring you take the powder to the roots as well. It soaks all the oil that was making your hair greasy, leaving you with fresh and shiny hair. You can do this trick the night before as well.

Changing the part

Woman trying to get a brush out of her hair

Suppose you do a right parting every day. Doing a left parting will save you from washing your hair because they are greasy. Changing the parting makes your hair appear neat and tidy without you washing them.

Wear a headband or a scarf

Wear a headband

Any fine day you find some imperfection in your hair and you do not want to wash your hair, simply wear a headband or a scarf. It efficiently hides your hair imperfections enabling you to look pretty.

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Some mornings just do not allow you to wash your hair. Be it the time constraint or your lazy behavior, you can use a number of hair hacks to look your best.

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