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Natural alternatives to diet pills for healthy weight loss


Diet pills help in losing weight faster by performing two basic functions in the process –

  1. They help curb hunger
  2. They increase energy levels

However, diet pills are not always advisable as they can have side effects such as stress on the heart, disrupting normal metabolic process, cause anxiety and dependency among other things. Different natural alternatives to diet pills can help in increasing energy levels while curbing hunger pangs.

A healthy plan

There is no shortcut to weight loss; you have to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Eating nothing to compensate for a sedentary lifestyle is not a solution, rather dieting further aggravate the problem. You may cut down on your food intake and couple it with exercises to lose weight effectively.

Eating right

You can start eating less in a single meal and having more number of meals throughout the day. Therefore, instead of 2-3 meals a day have 5-6 smaller portions of food and snacks. Ensure that your snacks are nutritious and your last snack or meal is at least three hours before bedtime. Avoid drinking juices as they are stripped of the natural fiber that occurs in whole fruits and contain high levels of sugar, which pack a huge amount of calories.

Exercising correctly

Get plenty of fresh air and the best way to do so is stepping out for a walk, jog, run or cycling. The only drawback of working out in a gym is that one misses the fresh air that is wafting outdoors. If you are not working out regularly already, then it would be useful to you to consult with a doctor beforehand. Also, start slowly and steadily to build up your workout sessions to avoid straining your body unduly.

Green Tea

Green tea has been recognized for its many benefits for a healthy immune system and for aiding in weight loss. You can increase your energy levels and fat metabolism by consuming green tea. It has other benefits too, such as, it helps prevent cavities, protects body from free radicals, lowers cholesterol among other things.

Setting Weight loss goals

Do not believe the weight loss ads posted in newspapers, magazines or televisions. It is unnatural to lose 10pounds in a month and unhealthy too. Set realistic goals for you to have a healthy body and mind. With a healthy lifestyle, you may not achieve that superb figure in the short run, but you will learn to understand and respect your body.


A healthy lifestyle is not only about losing weight but also about having a healthy mind and body, which can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle that includes good food and active workouts.

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