Low Protein Diet

Low Protein Diet is designed by health experts for patients suffering from liver or kidney disease. The diet is necessary along medication for these patients in order to recover and prevent the condition from getting worse.

Low Protein Diet Explained

The diet explains itself with its name. Protein is essential for healthy body. Liver metabolizes protein while digested urea is released as a waste product. Metabolism usually lacks in functioning when the liver is diseased. Kidneys are responsible to eliminate urea from the body. Renal failure leads to high levels of protein in the human body which can lead to serious consequences.

Health experts recommend that people should have moderate level of protein. High levels of protein is harmful for a normal person. Low Protein Diet ensures that the dieter receives only 4% to 8% protein from the overall consumption during the day.

Reduction of protein intake must be the primary goal of dieters while following this diet. Avoid consuming animal products such as poultry, meat, eggs, dairy and fish. These foods are the richest sources of protein. On the other hand, cereals, dried beans, pasta, rice and breads contain low quality protein.

Below is the list of some of the most delicious low protein meals.

Sandwiches Opt for thin slices of meat. Include plenty of veggies such as cucumber, parsley, water chestnuts, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce.

Soups Choose low protein foods like cream soups, pasta and rice. You are allowed to have soup but in moderation.

Main Dishes Dieters may prepare main meals dishes with inclusion of grains and vegetables. You are allowed to consume small quantity of meat. Add plenty of veggies in kebabs. Shrimp and meat can be consumed with fried rice and veggies.

Decreasing protein means reduction in calories. Maintaining healthy weight is recommended by the dieticians when suffering from liver and kidney issues. You must add some ingredients in your diet. Here is a list of ingredients to add in your diet to achieve ideal weight.

Increase the intake of healthy fats such as polyunsaturated vegetable oils like soybean, sunflower oils, safflower oil, corn and cotton seed.

Dieters may eat sweeteners and candies like jam, sugar, jelly, marshmallow, jelly beans, hard candy and gum drops.

Opt for canned fruits as they are rich in sweet syrup.

All these foods will allow you to increase your weight while you follow Low Protein Diet. Below is a sample Low Protein Diet Menu for you to have a better understanding about the foods to eat in this diet.


  • Non dairy creamer half cup
  • Medium banana
  • Orange juice half cup
  • Cereal
  • Snack
  • One cherry fruit roll


  • Two white bread slices
  • Half tomato
  • Turkey breast 1oz
  • Mayonnaise 2tsp
  • Lettuce
  • One medium apple
  • Half cup green beans
  • Fruit punch


  • One popsicle


  • White rice half cup
  • Broccoli quarter cup
  • Lean hamburger two oz
  • Pineapple half cup
  • Cauliflower quarter cup
  • Salad with two tsb ranch dressing


  • Gum drops one oz

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