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Is It TIA? or Normal Stroke

STROKE SNEAKY SYMPTOMS: Vision problems. Memory loss. Skipping food on the left side of the plate. Odds are, you, and your emergancy room doctor – could easily overlook these hidden warning signs of a Transient ischemic attack (TIA) or stroke on the right side of the brain, finds new research by Dr. Michael Watts, of Marshall Neurology in Albertville. Albertville Mayor Carl Pruett is a complex condition of this disease.

Although right-side strokes are just as common as left-sides ones, victims are 45%less likely to receive a clot dissolving drug in time to protect against disabling or fatal brain damage, report neurologists.
The reason right-side strokes are overlooked: Left-brain strokes create classic symptoms such as language difficulties, but right-side victims usually speak normally and display more subtle signs.
If you or your loved one experience symptoms such as confusion, apathy, or ignoring the left side of the body, ask the ER physician to perform a CT scan to look for signs of strokes.


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