Important dietary tips while working out in a gym

Once you start going to gym, it is very important to take a healthy diet, or else you might end up harming yourself. If you think that you are exercising in gym, so you can spurge on anything, you are mistaken. Moreover, if you exercise on an empty stomach, muscle protein will be broken down. In order to fuel your workout, you will burn your muscle tissue instead of burning fat. Again if you lose muscle mass, it will be more difficult to lose weight.

Importance of breakfast 

Eating proper food will give you stamina to workout in gym. Many people skip breakfast, which is the biggest mistake. Blood sugar is low in the morning. This in turn lowers the energy level. Not eating breakfast puts you at the risk of gaining weight instead of losing weight. Therefore, it is necessary to eat balanced and healthy breakfast. Eat proteins in the breakfast. Include eggs, lean ham, cheese, milk or yogurt in your breakfast. Protein keeps you full for hours.

Eating before the exercises 

Eat a small meal one or two hours before going for a work out. The meal should include fiber-rich carbohydrates and some protein too. You should not eat right before exercise. Fruit, whole-wheat toast, chicken and vegetable sandwich, oatmeal made with skim milk topped with fresh fruits are all good ideas. Eating this meal will maximize your energy and keep you full for a long time.

Proper hydration while working out 

Keep a water bottle handy when you go to gym. Sweating while exercising can result in dehydration. Keep on sipping water while you exercise. In fact, you should start drinking water an hour before commencing the exercises. If you exercise for more than an hour, take energy drink to keep electrolyte levels in control. Take water and fruit juice after exercising.

Eating after the exercises 

Your body uses healthy carbs while you exercise. The food that you eat after workout is as important as the food that you eat before exercising. Eat something within two hours of stopping exercises. Choose a high fiber carbohydrate along with protein for your meal. Carbohydrate will help replenish glycogen in the body. Brown rice, whole grain bread, vegetables, eggs, milk, meat, and nuts are good options.

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