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Ideas for getting rid of excess belly fat

Getting rid of a fat belly is always tricky. Excess belly fat can make you look fat, unattractive, and can even point towards physical and mental health issues. It can be a result of cardiac problems, diabetes, and cancer. It is vital to consult a doctor if you are having problem in reducing your belly fat.

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Reasons that lead to belly fat

Various factors can make your tummy puffy and lead to belly bulges. Most women take these things very lightly as they often think that this is because of their age. Following we have a list that can result in excessive belly fat.

Age factor

Age can be a major factor, and the culprit for your belly bulge. As you grew older, your metabolism decreases and leads to various problems. These may include low caloric need, low muscle mass, and fluctuating hormonal levels. Most women feel this during their 40s and menopause. Women can gain weight in their belly due to their estrogen levels.


Hormonal imbalance in the body of women can lead to weight gain in various parts of the body especially in the belly. Hormones like thyroid, estrogen, and progesterone can lead to problems like chronic stress, reduced energy levels, constipation, digestion problems, and weight gain.

Health conditions

Various health related problems can lead to weight gain and women may gain weight on their belly after having a baby. Women with diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and other health problems might also see the belly increasing in size. Large waistline can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


A poorly managed diet can very well lead to problems like obesity. If your regular diet is rich in fibers and fats, you run the risk of obesity. This is especially true if your diet includes white bread, chips, fast foods, and sweetened drinks. Fats are good for health but it is vital to consume good fat as it can lead to increased visceral fat.

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Stress can make you feel irritated and increase your belly fat. When people feel stressed, their bodies release a stress hormone and this can make them crave for eating more. The result is a poorly managed diet and greater fat intake.


In order to stay physically and mentally healthy it is vital to take sufficient sleep. Sleeplessness can make you feel stressed, irritated, restless, and can make you overweight. It is vital to take at least 7 hours sleep daily.

Ways to reduce belly fat

Losing weight can be very challenging especially when it comes to shaving a few inches from your belly. Following tips can help you to reduce few inches from your belly:

Say goodbye to alcohol and sweet drinks

Alcohol and sweet drinks are your biggest enemies as they can harm your lungs, stomach, and general health. Alcoholic beverages can lead to storage of more fat on your body and abdomen area. In order to reduce your belly fat and body fat you can replace calories with protein. Sweet drinks colas and fizzy drinks can make you obese so they are best avoided.


Regular exercise or workout

Regular exercise and workout is a perfect way to control your weight gain. You can focus on special exercises and bodyworks that can reduce fats from your belly. Practices like crunches, sit ups, regular walk, and other exercises can do this for you.

Doctor’s consultation

Loose abdomen can be a cause or symptom of problems like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiac problems. It is vital to consult a doctor for this problem.


Fat belly can be a result of problems like cardiac problems, diabetes, cancer, and hormonal imbalance. Balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and doctor’s prescription can help you reduce few inches from your waist.

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