How Effective or Beneficial Are the Magnetic Therapies?

Magnetic devices like magnetic bracelets, insoles, wrist and knee bands, back and neck braces, and even pillows and mattresses are claimed to be therapeutic for ages. And more than a billion dollars are estimated to be annual income selling these gadgets globally.

But, the fact is that it has no proved benefits! And that any healing effect is likely to be small! — US researchers say in this week’s BMJ. Many studies of magnet therapy are suspected because it is difficult to blind subjects to the presence of a magnet, Professors Leonard Finegold and Bruce Flamm argues. The researchers suggest that money spent on expensive and unproved magnet therapy might be better spent on evidence based medicine.

To add to this finding, the researchers warn that self treatment with magnets may result in an underlying medical condition being left untreated.

Via: emaxhealth

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