Honey: Amazing health benefits


Incredibly sweet and amazingly wonderful, honey is also known as nectar of life. It makes life wonderful and healthy with its rich taste and color. Its amber golden color is what makes it out of the ordinary. With numerous heath benefits honey revolves around our lives in one way or the other. For hundreds and thousands of years honey has been greatly used by humans. Various ancient civilizations from the Egyptians to the Greek used honey. They were well aware of its benefits and medicinal properties. But they did not know how honey could be beneficial in so many areas of life.

Since our childhood we have been taught that each drop of this precious nectar is painstakingly picked by millions of honey bees to make a very small amount of honey. What we get readily in bottles is the result of very hard working bees. The way a specific honey tastes depends on a particular region and the kind of flowers and nectar they produce. Tastes can vary with regions. Bees do not naturally produce honey for us but is made to feed themselves during lean times. The bees are encouraged to make excess honey so that we too can get various health and beauty benefits from it.

Honey mainly consists of water and carbohydrates. This gives honey its distinct sweet taste and flavor. Honey also consist of other essential minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, magnesium and phosphorus. These essential minerals are all required by our body’s immune system. They help in fighting various diseases and keeping us healthy. Recent research has discovered that honey also consists of loads of antioxidants. These antioxidants are vital in fighting against cancer and other less serious health conditions such as the common cold. They also help fighting various viral health issues. It is said that the darker the color of honey the more antioxidants it contains.

Honey is used to kill various infections, tendering wounds and also eliminating infections. It is considered as a quick healer. Even deep and hard to cure wounds can be treated with the use of honey. Amongst its various medicinal uses wound healing is the only documented evidence.

There as many other undocumented medical uses of honey. And its effectiveness is true to experience. Honey in raw form serves as an Anti-Viral, an Anti-Bacterial and an Anti-Fungal Substance. It is extremely useful in treating wounds, heart diseases, arthritis and other common health problems like cough and colds, acne, treating an upset stomach. It also is a great way for weight loss. There are various beauty and skin treatments that have honey as a base product. It has also been proven to improve one’s athletic performance

Honey treats wounds wonderfully. Use honey while dressing a wound. It helps kill bacteria and speeds up the healing process. Honey works great on small cuts, scratches and scrapes. Before applying honey on the wound make sure that the area is clean and dry. Regular using honey for this purpose is sure to heal the wounds faster.

Today heart diseases have become a major concern. By replacing just your morning jelly to honey is sure to help decrease chances of any heart disease. Honey is also said to be effective to clean out arteries and also prevent heart attacks and further heart surgeries. Regular intake of honey helps in decreased and balanced cholesterol. Thus it can be said that honey is also good for maintaining cloistral levels.

Honey is also used for maintaining good oral health. Many people may think that due its sweetness honey may cause oral diseases. But honey is extremely beneficial in case of tooth ache. Just apply a small amount of honey to the affected area and see the difference. Honey is also said to work wonders in fighting gingivitis. It is also helpful in controlling chronic bad breathe issues.

Honey is a great way to fight Arthritis as well. By just rubbing a good amount of honey into the effected areas it will surely provide great relief from pain. Pain can also be controlled to the minimum by daily consuming a spoon full of honey.

Honey is a great ingredient to work within the skin department as well. Applying honey to the face will leave you skin refreshed and glowing. It also helps in tightening the skin and reducing pours in the skin.

Honey is said to have wonderful health and beauty benefits and its profits have just been recognized. More uses of honey can be found out as time passed. This wonder ingredient has now been taken seriously. Make this sweet nectar a part of your daily lives and see its benefits on your mind and body.

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