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Home remedies to prevent daily vaginal dryness

The vaginal dryness is a problem that almost every woman has to confront in different stages of her life. The hormonal changes that take place in the body of a female at different stages of ageing and pregnancy can lead to vaginal dryness.


Causes: The vaginal dryness Estrogen is the hormone that facilitates the vaginal fluids that are responsible for keeping vagina lubricated. The quantity of Estrogen is depleted during menopause and pregnancy. Therefore, the females during these stages are more prone to vaginal dryness.

Symptoms: The symptoms may include extreme dryness, itching and burning in the vagina along with bleeding after intercourse and slight vaginal discharge. The earliest signs and symptoms should not be ignored and preventive methods should be implemented at the right earnest.

There are home remedies that can act as a deterrent to vaginal dryness. Few of them are listed below.

Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Evening Prim Rose Oil

Evening Prim Rose Oil is obtained from a plant called Evening Prim Rose. It is a great lubricant for your vagina and can be directly applied on the vaginal wall. However, it is available in tablet from and is equally effective. Evening Prim Rose Oil if taken regularly, facilitates a painless menopause. Nevertheless, the consumption is not advisable during the pregnancy, as it may cause some serious complication.


Olive Oil

The deficiency of Vitamin E is known to be a major cause of vaginal dryness. Therefore, if you are suffering from dryness related problems in your private parts then you can simply apply olive oil.  Olive oil is one of the best available natural sources of Vitamin E.  Moreover, it is easy to avail.


Tea Tree Oil

Oil obtained from tea plant can relieve the pain; you may be suffering because of vaginal dryness. It can be directly applied on the vaginal walls. It is easily accessible as you can easily available in the market place.


Soy Supplements

Diet that is majorly constituted by soy supplements are known to have a positive impact on your estrogen metabolism, thus keeping your vaginal fluids in the optimum quantity.  In addition, they come handy in the prevention of breast cancer in the females. So, ladies include soya in your diet.



Turmeric is endowed with healing properties and has been used by man since time immemorial. The anti viral properties of turmeric when combined with the milk become more effective to counter the vaginal dryness by keeping the viral infection at bay.

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