High protein diet

Everything we eat contains proteins in a certain amount, with the exception of oil and sugar. So going on a high protein diet might not seem as strange as we clearly do it in our daily eating routine.

Protein is a macro nutrient needed at all stages of our lives. The role of proteins is to support growth and development, while helping strengthen immunity in order to fight off infections. Moreover with this diet you can lose a serious amount of weight while you avoid cravings.

Top foods rich in protein

Some foods contain more proteins than others. To make the best choices when pumping up protein levels here is a list of foods that can help you achieve the goal of this diet.

Food (quantity)
 Protein intake
Chicken breast (100g)  17g
 Chicken leg (100g)  18g
 Tuna (100g)  22g
 Salmon (100g)  22g
 Halibut (100g)  22g
 Low fat Cottage Cheese (100g)  5g
 Low fat Cheddar Cheese (100g)  6g
 Parmesan (100g)  10g
 1 slice bacon (8g)  3g
 Beans (100g)  17g
 Egg white (33g)  4g
 1 cup skimmed milk (245g)  8g
 1 cup soy milk (243g)  8g
 Peanuts (100g)  7g
 Almonds (100g)  6g
 Pistachios (100g)  6g
 Sunflower seeds (100g)  6 g
 Mixed nuts (100g)  4g


When high proteins intake get to high

On a high protein diet the intake should be placed between 30% and 50% of the total nutrients ingested.

While on an 1800 calories per day, you can eat from 45 grams to 218 grams of proteins.
Although the research findings exceed the guidelines of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) that suggests women to eat around 46 grams of proteins per day while men should eat 56 grams daily.

No matter who is right there are no dangers associated with eating to much proteins. But if you have a kidney or liver disease is better to avoid this diet or consult a doctor before following it.

What to eat

Every nutrient is important so that our bodies function at full speed: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Smart carbs can be found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Unsaturated fats are stored in nuts, olives, fish and avocado. So, no matter what you eat try to have a balance between these nutrients.

Also try to eat often, even have 6 meals a day. In this way you won’t feel hungry and you’ll have energy to work out and tone those muscles.

Don’t over think high protein recipes. As long as the foods in your meals contain a lot of proteins you are on the right path.

Pump up the high protein effects

The high protein diet can lead to severe weight loss and additionally it will decrease your appetite and avoid those nasty craving. To benefits from the full effect of high protein intake you can also maximize the time when you have a protein snack. Here are some ideas:

  • To boost the protein effect you can eat mozzarella or a hard-boiled eggs for a snack
  • If you feel hungry after a workout a yogurt might be the solution
  • When you eat your cereals in the morning don’t be scarce with the milk

These are just some tricks so you can naturally include more proteins in your meals.
More than just weight loss the high protein diet can aid you in muscles increase and tone in order to avoid atrophy and impaired functioning of the body in general.

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