High-Intensity Ultrasound brings cancer-cure promises

high intensity ultrasound may destroy cancer anywhIf, your dear one is suffering from the common killer-disease – cancer, suggest him with an intense form of ultrasound! Yes, it does have the power to attack the disease, irrespective of where it is in the body.

Yes, a new study has found that the ‘high-intensity focused ultrasound’ can trigger a body’s immune defenses against cancerous invasion. Interestingly, once triggered by the innovative method, the immune system gains the power to devastate cancer cells.

Interestingly, it does not even spare the infected cells that have spread through the bloodstream to lurk in other body parts.

Pei Zhong, an associate professor in Duke’s mechanical engineering and materials science department said,

In most cancers, what actually ends up killing the patient is the spread of the cancer from its original site to other parts of the body. If the patient has a tumor in the kidney or liver, several treatment options — including surgery, radiation or HIFU — can be used to get rid of the cancerous tissues. However, if the cancer cells spread to other vital organs such as the lung or brain, the outcomes are often much worse.

Though researchers in China, Europe and the United States are already up with arms to kill cancerous-tumors by heating them, the recent Duke researchers discovered that the ‘high-intensity focused ultrasound’ can work even better if it is first made to just shake the cells – breaking the tumor’s cell membranes.

Ah! Once proved successful, it would be yet another promising breakthrough in the hunt for the common killer-cancer’s cure.


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