Healthy ingredients for cancer-fighting salad

Healthy ingredients for cancer-fighting salad

Cancer was almost unheard a decade ago. Lifestyle factors, wrong eating habits and exposure to toxic substances and radiation on a higher level has led to increased cases of cancers of the body. People must understand the importance that diet can play in prevention and control of cancer. A number of vegetables and fruits are known to possess cancer fighting and preventing properties that can be used for controlling and preventing cancerous tumors of our body

Salads are a healthy recipe for fighting not just cancer, but a number of commonplace diseases that are related to cholesterol and obesity. Here are some healthy ingredients that can be used as salads to fight cancer.

1. Salad foundation

The foundation of a salad must always be dark green leafy vegetables. You may choose romaine, spinach or arugula or mix them all in one single dish as well. These leaves contain abundant amounts of folate which is a B Vitamin. Folates help in reducing the risk of developing ovarian, breast and colorectal cancers. Women who eat dark green leafy vegetables have shown to have increased resistance to breast cancer. Folates are good for preventing DNA damage that triggers cell growth and cancer.

2. Shredded carrots

Carrots are known to fight cancer and inhibit cell growth. Women who eat 4 carrots every day are known to reduce their risk of contracting ovarian cancer about 54 percent which is a huge reduction considering the fact that more than 15,000 women die every year with ovarian cancer in the US alone. Carrots are also good for preventing kidney related cancer. Adding carrots to your salads every day will help you stay away from cancer.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain a very powerful plant chemical known as lycopene that is known to fight cancer. Lycopene, which gives the vibrant red color to the tomato, can inhibit cancer growth as well. A German research conducted on colonoscopy patients found that patients with least amount of lycopene in their blood had the highest risk of developing colorectal adenomas. Lycopene is also known to tremendously bring down the risk of prostate cancer as well. So add 3-4 tomatoes in your salad every day for keeping away from cancer.

4. Beans

All forms of beans like kidney, black and white beans are full of proteins and add some texture and variety to your normal salads. Studies show that women who took beans at least two times a week are known to reduce their breast cancer risk by about 24 percent. They are also cholesterol reducing vegetables and hence good for the heart as well. Legumes are known to block the production of certain enzymes in the body that can encourage the growth of tumor cells.

5. Fish

Just to add some interest to your boring salad recipes, you may add fish which are high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, etc., which are again good for fighting cancer. When green leafy vegetables that are rich in folates are eaten with fish like salmon that are rich in vitamin B6, they are known to reduce colorectal adenoma recurrence by 39%. Salmon is also known to protect people from cancer of the skin.

6. Avocados

Vegetables are mostly fat free and help people with cholesterol and obesity. But fat too is essential for our body for its proper function and also for absorbing carotenoids from vegetables like carrot which too have abundant cancer fighting properties. Avocados are rich in fat and can be added to your salads in moderation. Tests with avocados showed that people who had them had 13.6 times more beta carotene, 8.3 times as much alpha carotene and 4.3 times more lutein than those who consumed their salad without them. Try and add avocados instead of cheese or some other fatty ingredient.

7. Citrus peels

Limonene, which is the compound that gives the peculiar scent to oranges and lemons, is known to reduce skin cancer by about 34 percent if consumed regularly. Though they taste like sunscreen lotions as most of them contain citrus peels, they are nevertheless very healthy.

8. Olive oil and vinegar

Mixing vinegar with olive oil can reduce the levels of Her-2/neu genes in the body that cause aggressive breast cancer that are very difficult to treat. It is the oleic acid in olive oil that brings about this reduction. Mix your favorite vinegar along with some olive oil to spice up things and stay away from cancer as well.

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