Healthcare in Greece


Healthcare System in Greece

Ever since 1983, Greece has opted for a nationalized system of healthcare where medical services is provided to all citizens for free or at a nominal cost. This ensures that all Greeks have access to healthcare without ignoring those with special health conditions or socio-economic factors. Primary care is provided through rural health centers and clinics around the nation with secondary care being delivered through the public hospitals and private facilities.

Greece is reforming its healthcare system in order to improve the health services for their citizens and foreign paying patients. Through additional funds received from the EU, they are focusing more on quality care practices, building new facilities, and installing more high-tech equipment and machines.


Quality of Healthcare in Greece

The public hospitals provide adequate care to its citizens; however, the private facilities provide excellent quality care for those who can afford it. The private sector offer specialists that provide personalized care and are skilled in utilizing the latest technology.

Certain improvements are being made to the facilities in the public sector to bridge the disparity of quality between the public and private sector. This can be seen through the desire to accredit hospitals around the region in order to demonstrate a capacity to continuously provide high quality care for individuals visiting Greek medical facilities.



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