Gerard Langevin gets mechanical heart, becomes first man alive without pulse!

Gerard Langevin of Coteau-du-Lac, Que., has become the first man alive without any pulse. Actually, surgeons have successfully implanted HearMate II device, which is a turbine heart that provides a constant blood flow.

Before this mechanical heart transplant, Langevin condition was so terrible that life was no less than a nightmare for him. Even to walk few yards was a tough challenge for him but after this mechanical heart transplant, which is first of its kind, he is quite normal. And telling about his present condition, Langevin says that he feels like a new man, who can’t wait to go fishing next spring and take up bowling again.

Device HeartMate II, which costs about $100,000 is made in such a way so that it may last up to 10 years while artificial hearts available in the market last just three years. However, doctors have gone with this mechanical heart transplant just as a trial and it is quite possible that HeartMate II device would take several years to come out approved by Health Canada.

Through this mechanical heart transplant several hopes have lit up for thousands of patients with heart disease and as trials of this device are on the move, we should hope that very soon other patients like Gerard Langevin would also be able to have this life-giving device.

Via: CBC

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