Five common mistakes that could harm your beauty

It is very important to take care of your skin, as a clean and healthy skin is the key to develop positive self-esteem and confidence. The type of care we take for our skin is a very important determining factor for this purpose. While many of us take efforts to make our skin look fresh and bouncy, here are some common mistakes committed by all of us.

Not taking care of the skin:

Many people lack a beautiful younger looking skin just because they do not take proper care of it. This includes going out in the sun without applying a sunscreen as it damages the skin cells making them appear dark. Always apply a sunscreen, which is non-toxic before you step out. You should use an organic moisturizer for your skin and scrub it at least once a week. Do not forget to wash your face after returning from exercise and travelling.

Not eating healthy food:

Eating excess of sweets and fried foods can cause acne and give the skin a dull look. However, various researches show that the anti oxidants and specific nutrients present in vegetables like spinach, broccoli and blueberries are extremely good for the skin and its beauty. You should avoid oily and sweet food and switch on to nutritious vegetables to have a healthy skin.

Not taking cooler showers:

The people who love to freshen up themselves by taking a hot relaxing shower may not be quite happy knowing this fact that the hot water takes off the protective oils that are essential for the skin and makes it dry. Not only to the skin this is damaging to Earth also as it requires energy to heat the water, which indirectly affects the environment.

Not washing our hands:

This is also one the most commonly conducted mistake though it is not even realized by many of us. Not washing hands knowingly or unknowingly after activities like going to a grocery shop, holding the door, using mobile phones etc plays an important role in transferring germs to the face when you touch it.

Not considering inner beauty:

Excessive stress, improper sleeping habits and tension destroys your inner self and reflect from your face. Meditation, walks, dancing will make you feel better with a better.


Here are some tips and don’ts to help you get a beautiful and fresh skin that will be loved by everyone.

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