Find out if your low-calorie frozen meal outweighs nutrition!

low calorie bowls can still pack a fatty salty pun

Who would not love that sardine delicacy smothered under fresh mixed vegetables, accompanied by that frosty and golden Koff beer? And if it comes hot, served right from your own kitchen, it definitely adds to your dinning applauds.

But, not possible for many with a hectic day’s schedule, banking on that frozen meal seems wiser. Not just fast and simple to prepare, many thinks that one cannot beat a frozen meal when it comes to controlling calories.

But, you might not be right!
While some may be high on those calories, many are rich with sodium – what’s needed is a check on the nutrition labels and find out what’s missing in your meal and what exactly you are having.

Most frozen meals supply 250 to 350 calories, which is fine if you’re on dieting.

With active people’s need for 400 to 500 calories, a frozen meal on the light side need to be boosted with calories by drinking a glass of low-fat milk or soy beverage. Fruit for dessert is also good.

Always choose a meal with no more than three grams of saturated fat in each serving, as this type of fat raises LDL, or bad cholesterol.

So, next time you scan through that supermarket freezer sections, choose the frozen meal for convenience, but make it is appoint that it doesn’t outweigh nutrition.


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