Exercise may reduce snoring in kids

This is good news for kids that are overweight! According to a report of researchers from the Medical College of Georgia published in Obesity’s November issue, kids can be free from snoring habit through daily aerobic exercise.
The study was based on 100 overweight children age 7 to 11. Catherine L. Davis, PhD, and colleagues divided the kids into three groups. The first group had gone 40 minutes of supervised aerobic exercise such as tag, basketball, soccer, or jump rope- every day for about 13 weeks. Second group had done exercise for 20 minutes. For comparison the third group had not assigned with any aerobic exercise. But they were free to do their usual activity.
This survey showed that the kids from exercise groups had a bigger drop in snoring and sleep-related breathing problems than those not assigned to exercise. The kids who had done 40 minutes exercise showed biggest improvement in sleep-related breathing problems.

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