DIY beauty hacks for that sizzling look

You adore models on the front page of magazines for their awesome hairstyles and flattering makeup. You always wonder and dream having a model-like look that does not cost you a fortune and crazy amounts of time. You can turn this dream of yours into reality not by putting great efforts but by just getting the hang of the following beauty hacks that are adept at giving you a model-like look in no time and without you spending a fortune.

Make your eyes stand out with a white eye shadow

Eye shadow as it is work as agent that gathers extra attention to one’s eyes, and if you apply white eye shadow as a base, your eyes will get more attention because white eye shadow helps eyes stand out incredibly. Put a fine layer of white eye shadow on your lid and then apply any other color you want, or just put a white eye shadow line near the brow bone to make your eyes pop.

Trick that makes lipstick last

Lipstick looks great when you apply it but after some time it starts to rub off, smudge, fade, and stops looking that good. To make lipstick last long on your lips you require translucent powder and a tissue paper. Put on your favorite lip color, then gently hold a tissue over your lips, and lightly dust a bit of translucent powder on the tissue. This procedure helps lipstick to set and last for long hours looking as good as it looked the moment you had applied it.

Make the scent last longer

We all spray perfume on our body, especially on the pulse points so that we smell good the entire day. However, sweating drains down the fragrance with it leaving your skin with no fragrance at all. Well, this easy tip can help you wear your favorite fragrance the entire day. Apply some Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying perfume, doing this holds the fragrance on your skin for longer hours than usual.

DIY Lip Venom for fuller impressive lips

Lip Venoms increase the blood flow in lips, thus, making them swell a bit. It is very popular because it gives women shiny, fuller pouts like no other common lip-gloss can do but it is quite expensive. You can make your own lip venom that gives similar results, as the one you get on market but is not expensive. All you need to do is to add some peppermint oil drops to your favorite lip-gloss and your DIY lip venom is all set to be used.

Use baby powder for longer, fuller lashes

Who says you only can get longer, fuller eyelashes if at all you wear false eyelashes, as you can easily get the same look by applying some baby powder onto your lashes. Apply a coat of mascara and then apply baby powder with a cotton ball on your lashes, and then apply a final coat of mascara and feel good to see your thicker, longer eyelashes.

Apply eye makeup like a professional

Applying eye makeup like a pro is like a dream for many of us but with these few tips you can do it like a pro in no time. While applying eye makeup, ensure you put on your liquid eyeliner before you apply eye shadow, as it makes the entire process quite easy and look real. Remember while applying shadow you keep the darkest shade closest to the lashes, lightest shade should come at the top near the brow bone, and a medium colored shadow in between the darkest and the lightest shade.

It is like a dream for every fashion conscious woman to wear makeup just like a model but fears doing so would cost her a fortune or would take too much of time. It is just a myth though, as there are ample DIY beauty hacks one can follow and achieve such a look in no time and without spending much of their money.

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