Disease-prevention, not treatment, can save 45,000 U.S. lives a year: Study

people over 50s taking annual flu shots can help s

The popular saying ‘stitch in time saves nine’ seems to go well with every aspects of one’s life, health being an important and effective example. Aware of the fact, health experts have started advising the same to the people living in the United States.

Be it the disease of the heart, AIDS, cancer or diabetes, people living in the United States mostly suffers and die because of their unhealthy lifestyles. But, ‘prevention’ seems to be the answer against all such serious and killer diseases.

Health experts in the United States have come up with a list of five such ‘prevention tips.’ ‘Prevention’ itself has the power to save 45,000 lives a year!

The report by a nonprofit health policy group — the Partnership for Prevention suggests the tips as –

*Adults’ taking low dose of heart disease-preventing aspirin.
*Quitting smoking
*More screening of colorectal cancer
*Timely screening of breast cancer
*People over 50’s taking annual flu shots

The potential impact of prevention is always dramatic and health seems to be no exception.

So, the key to a healthy health-economy for a country is not treatment of a disease, but prevention – investments need to be made not only on treatment, but also at the roots of a disease’s birth, ‘awareness and prevention’.


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