Diabetic exchange diet

vegetables saladDiabetic Exchange Diet is specifically designed while considering the needs of diabetes patients. Food groups in relevance to their nutritional value define the basis of this diet. Based on the carbohydrate content, foods have been categorized into 3 groups by American Diabetes Association.

  • Fat Group
  • Carbohydrate Group
  • Meat Group

Foods can be further categorized into 6 other groups.

  • Fruit
  • Fat
  • Vegetables
  • Milk
  • Starch
  • Meat

Each serving exchange of a particular food within the food groups contain equivalent amount of carbohydrates. However, the amount of calories, fat and protein can vary. Diabetes patients can substitute the foods from the food groups mentioned above.

Diabetic Exchange Diet – Explained

The diet is based on the methodology of substituting foods for equal amount of carb containing foods from certain food groups. Dieters can eat well balanced meals which help in keeping blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Carbohydrates have been further divided into few groups so that dieters can choose foods accordingly. Starches, milk, fruits, non starchy vegetables and other carbs are some of the basic categories of carbohydrates. Meat has been divided into further categories such as medium fat, high fat, lean, very lean, lean and fat (polyunsaturated, saturated and monounsaturated).

The exchange must be made for the current foods you eat in your daily life. Keep a check on the portion size of every serving. Preparing a week's diet menu is considered advantageous for the dieter. Have three main meals and three snacks per day. It allows your body to keep adequate levels of blood sugar.

You are allowed to substitute any food item within the categories mentioned above. You need to consult your dietician or physician before starting the diet. Exchange of meals depends heavily on age, weight, sex, consistent activity levels, eating styles and height. A physician can help constructing appropriate diabetic exchange menu for the dieters.

Diabetic Exchange Diet ensures eating healthy foods which improves the condition of diabetes patients.

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