Coffee Could Be Your Savior From A Possible Attack of Gout

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If you are drinking four cups of coffee a day, then maybe you can avert the possibility of suffering from an attack of gout. A study published in the journal, Arthritis Care and Research suggests that coffee works to prevent a painful attack of gout by lowering uric acid levels in the blood

A team from a University of British Columbia involved with this study reported that consuming four cups of coffee resulted in lower levels of uric acid in blood than consuming just one or fewer cups of coffee. The team reported that no such effect was evident with tea. Moreover, decaffeinated coffee also showed considerable lowering of uric acid levels when consumed in the required amounts. This indicates the ingredient in coffee responsible for this lowering of uric acid levels is not caffeine.

The team also reported that the consumption of four cups of coffee lead to lowering of insulin levels. This is beneficial since there is a link between high insulin levels and high uric acid levels as established by earlier research.

However, what needs to be confirmed is that whether indeed, it is the uric acid levels that are responsible for gout or some other factor results in an attack of gout. This possibility needs to be checked, as there are people who have high levels of uric acid in their blood but have never suffered an attack of gout.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in catching up with friends over a cup of coffee while the researchers are busy with their research, which can enlighten you how much benefit coffee can or cannot do for your health.

Image: Caltech
Via: BBC

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