Blame junk foods and TV watching for violent behavioral changes

Television causes crime. Do the people copy the violence they usually see on the TV? This is now a burning question world wide. This kicks up arguments among criminologists.

George Monbiot expressed his view on the link between TV watching and the criminal deeds. It is also said to relate eating junk foods the influence of TV on it. It hurts the brain, heart and the pancreas with a similar kind of effect.

The British Journal of Psychiatry made a research on young adult prisoners having balanced diet. The punitive offences cut down by 26%. It happened only in the experimental group. This showed that bad diet predicts future violence.

Worsening diets cause the growth of misery, behavioral problems, Alzheimer’s and other mental illness. Fat contains 60% of the dry weight of the brain and junk food leaves no room for foods which contain the chemicals the brain needs.


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