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Best exercises to reduce hip size

Best exercises to reduce hip size

For a woman, fat storage happens significantly on the thighs and hips, making them look out of proportion to the rest of the body. In order to combat fat on the hips, it is important that we start doing special exercises that target the hips. Hip size can be effectively reduced in you can incorporate such exercises in your daily routine: whether at home or at work. Once you get into the mode of working out, you can start increasing the repetitions to improve the toning and muscle growth. However, whilst working out, make sure that you do not hurt yourself. Apart from exercising and working out on a daily basis, it is important that you start combining it with a balanced diet which will help you to burn calories, resulting in effective inch loss on the hips.

Chair squats and lunges

woman doing Chair squats

A very good and relatively simple way to get rid of the inches around your girth would be to do squats and lunges. For doing this at home, you would have to imagine a chair in front of you. Spread your arms apart at shoulder’s width and squat down as if you are sitting on the imaginary chair. In doing so, try bringing your chest close to your knees and hold yourself in that position for 2-3 seconds before rising back to the neutral position. Keep doing these squats slowly and repeat the exercise to the point where you cannot hold the position for 2-3 seconds. Squats, if done correctly, are great for strengthening the hip muscles and help to get rid of fat around the hips. In case you are unsure about doing them, then do hire a profession gym instructor, also to do it correctly, you need to have proper squat and power rack to help avoid any muscle injury. Get a proper guide for power and squat racks from the experts.

Another great form of exercise are lunges, that are great for firming the hips. It is a simple slimming exercise and also terrific for the derriere as well! There are many ways of performing lunges, however, if you try doing them with barbells/dumb bells, then the workout will be more effective. Keep increasing the repetitions of lunges once you start to gain some stamina. Once you gain control of doing the squats and lunges, you could search and think of new variations to make the exercise routine more exciting.

Walking or jogging

Walking or jogging togetherAnother good way to work out your hips would be to either walk or jog on a daily basis. This is a very easy way of reducing the inches on the hips, butt and waist. However, in order to achieve good results, make sure that you walk or jog for a longer period of time, preferably between 45-60 minutes. Early morning jogging or walking is the most effective, and if you start sweating, then it is an indication that your body is melting the fat. Sweating also does wonders for keeping skin soft and supple too! While walking, make sure that you take longer strides than usual to keep your muscles working better. Now, you don’t need to register for an expensive weight loss program or a gym, as walking/jogging are inexpensive and do not cost a single penny. The pure and clean morning air also does good for the circulatory system too!


woman Cycling

If you do not know how to ride a bike, or have been out of touch with it for a long while, then it’s about time that you indulged in cycling. It’s pretty easy to bike, so simply invest in one and you’ll eventually get the knack of cycling within a day. It is not mandatory that you need to cycle fast or too hard for effective inch reduction. All you have to do is to maintain a steady and slow pace. If you shy away from biking out in the open, then simply buy yourself and indoor exercycle. However, the difference between cycling indoors and outdoors is quite huge as outdoor cycling improves the balance of the body and the work routine is more effective due to the friction on the ground. Cycling is actually considered one of the easiest methods of losing hip fat, so buying yourself a bike would be a good investment for sure!

Inline skating

Inline skating

Inline skating has many great advantages, apart from being a fun activity. Skating is almost at par with walking and also puts your body at a much lesser strain, making you actually enjoy the exercise. For taking up inline skating as an activity, you would need to purchase proper protection gear. If you feel that you are going off balance quite frequently and are not able to carry the weight, then discontinue and get back to jogging or walking. Balance is the main thing that is required when doing inline skating. If you are on the higher side of the weighing scale, then maintaining balance can be quite difficult. Try losing a few pounds by cycling or walking, and then get back to inline skating in order to avoid any injuries.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope

Childhood pleasures like jumping rope can be revived in adulthood with its great benefits. Jumping rope is a great way to shape up your hips as it helps you maintain a good posture. It builds muscular and cardiovascular endurance and also improves the coordination and rhythm of your body, giving you a total body work out. You can start skipping rope with the simple bounce jumping. Once you get the habit of it you can perhaps start jumping at one jump per second and them work up to 2 jumps per second. You can do a lot of variations with the jumping rope to make it fun. Skipping rope is a low-impact and high-intensity plyometric exercise that involves explosive movements. It is quite easy to burn a lot of calories by jumping rope. Once you start to gain more stamina, you could make it more challenging by using a weighted rope or by wearing a weight vest to increase the intensity of the work out.

Frog leaps

Frog leaps are another great way to combat hip fat, by getting back to your childhood days. For performing frog leaps, you would need ample open space. Stand with your feet apart at a shoulder’s width. Bend your body to your knees into a squatting position and then jump forward as far as you can. Keep repeating this exercise as if you were a frog. You could make use of your hands for giving you more balance upon landing after each jump – much like a frog. Move your hands all the way up as you jump. The combinations of squatting and jumping in a synchronized pattern are great for working out the hip muscles eventually leading to an effective inch loss.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts are good

If you prefer to exercise within the comfort of your home, then start off by doing leg lifts. Leg lifts are relatively easy to do and have many variations to give your hip muscles an effective work out. For performing leg lifts, lie down on the floor on your right side with your head raised above the ground. Bend your right arm and rest it under your head to give it support. Bend both of your knees to a 90 degree angle on the floor and slowly raise your left leg while maintaining the 90 degree bend. Keep repeating this until it pinches and you cannot continue any longer. Try doing this on a count of 20 on either legs. Leg lifts are a great muscle toning and strengthening exercise for your legs, hips, abdomen and butt. You could introduce some variations in leg lifts to make it more interesting. However
, it is important that you do at least half an hour of cardio before doing leg lifts for effective results.

Power step ups

Power step upsPower step-ups help you to develop power endurance in your lower body while maintaining a neutral spine. This exercise is a great work out for all the parts of your legs, abdomen and particularly your hips. For doing power step ups, you would require a plyometric box or any ordinary wooden stepper box which should be below the level of your kneecap. For getting started, push your body up using your right leg onto the box, switch your leg in the air and make a landing with your left foot. You must keep repeating the pattern and increasing the speed gradually. This exercise is a great solution to toning up your body, particularly the hips, without having to perform squats, push-ups and sit-ups. However, while doing power step ups, make sure that you make a landing on the sole of the foot and never do so on your toes as you might injure yourself. With the step up exercise, you will be able to increase your heart beat which is an effective way to burn calories as your heart works at burning the fat.

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