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Analyzing the role of Human Growth Hormones in child development


Human Growth Hormones are essential for the growth of children. Children whose bodies produce very little HGH are prone to their growth being stunted and hence, they cannot reach the developmental goals they should. A daily dose of HGH can help children with HGH deficiency get proper growth. Sometimes even hormonally normal children can grow 1-4 inches taller, if treatment is started early.

Let’s take a closer look at the role of HGH in child development: 

How HGH helps children


HGH is beneficial for those children who do not grow taller according to their age. According to one study, carried out in 1983, daily injections of synthesized HGH given to 16 children over a period of 2 years had a positive effect on the children’s growth. The absence of local reactions and any antibodies against HGH evidenced the safety of HGH injections.

Preemies sometimes are behind others in their growth, and can be benefited by HGH injections. Treatment can start at age ten or twelve and continue for some years, until the child attains normal height and puberty. If growth is somewhere around a half-inch or one-quarter per year, after HGH injections, height can increase by up to 4 ½ inches, as it did for a boy of 15, who was born premature.

Children with chromosomal abnormality (Turner syndrome) or other genetic disorders, such as Noonan syndrome and SHOX deficiency, can also benefit from HGH injections.

Those children who are small according to gestational age, and have comparatively large feet, hand pelvis and broad shoulders, and do not catch up to normal growth by the age of 2 can also be treated with HGH. In this case, HGH therapy has to be continued for six years.

Other benefits of HGH

HGH injections not only help in increasing height, but also boost the appetite of children. These injections help decrease body fat, according to current and past researches. In some children whose hands and feet stay small, HGH helps increase the size of their hands to normal size. Children deficient in the growth hormone have the tendency to accumulate fat, especially around the abdomen, have fragile bones and their body mass is extremely less. Hormone therapy increases bone density and improves muscle mass of the trunk, arms and legs, if the therapy is continued even after adolescence. It has been seen that hormone injections reduce the risk of heart disease later on in life. 

How long does treatment last


Treatment usually lasts until a child attains an acceptable height and achieves other development goals such as puberty. Sometimes, endocrinologists suggest the continuation of HGH therapy. The main points to consider when looking for HGH for sale is the certified efficacy of the brand you buy, which are available in pharmacies. You can also buy it online. Here is your guide how to get hgh online.

Human growth injections work better than supplements and results can be seen within 3-4 months. Nonetheless, we advise seeing an endocrinologist before deciding whether HGH injections or other supplements are better for your kids, since an endocrinologist can suggest the type of HGH, which is the most suitable for your child.

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