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15 Amazing benefits of calamine lotion you never knew

benefits of calamine lotion

You might have seen this lotion on your mother’s and aunt’s dressers and wondered why they swore by it. Nowadays, we have beauty lotions galore, which promise to do great things for the skin; but the actual result is far from what was promised. Calamine lotion is a medicated lotion that never fails to give results. It has been deemed safe by the WHO, (which has listed it as an essential medicine) and other medical organizations worldwide. Calamine lotion ingredients are ferric oxide, zinc oxide, glycerin, kaolin clay and a few other ingredients. It has multiple uses for the skin. In fact, it seems to have been used 1500 years ago, and has continued to be used by millions of women in recent times. It’s easily available in all drugstores and general stores. Read on to find out the many benefits of calamine lotion. You might be convinced to keep a bottle with you at all times:

Amazing benefits of calamine lotion

1. Calamine lotion can treat acne

acneCalamine lotion contains zinc oxide, which is anti-inflammatory. This aids in the treatment of acne and helps to reduce/remove the acne scars. Calamine treats acne without leaving any marks on the skin. So how to use calamine lotion  for pimples – after washing and drying your face, dab calamine lotion on the pimple/acne. Leave it on for the entire night and rinse off in the morning with water. If you continue this for just three nights, you will see a marked improvement.

Method of using Calamine lotion for acne treatment

Calamine lotion treats the acne cysts completely with tea tree oil. Steam your face to get the pus out of your acne cysts (pimples). Then with a cotton swab, apply some tea tree oil and after that apply calamine lotion on the spots, or on your entire face. Leave this for 3 hours then rinse with warm water. Doing this twice every day will help your skin be acne free. This is one of the most effective benefits of calamine lotion.

2. Become sweat proof with calamine

benefits of calamine lotionIt’s normal to sweat in summer, but it does become uncomfortable and unsightly. If you tend to sweat heavily, apply calamine lotion on your body after you take a bath. You would definitely notice that you don’t sweat as much as you do normally.

3. Helps to eliminate dark spots

benefits of calamine lotion

One of the best benefits of calamine lotion, is that it can help to get rid of dark spots. If you apply calamine lotion continuously on your face, your dark spots will gradually reduce. It’s best if you apply the lotion overnight, so that it will get more time to work on the spots.

Methods of using calamine for dark spots

To use it effectively, wash your face, pat dry and with a cotton swab, apply the calamine lotion on the spots. If they are too deep, then apply a heavy coat. Wash your face with warm water when you get up.

Another way on how to use calamine lotion on your dark spots, is with a clean and small makeup brush. Do not use the lotion around/on the eyes.

4. Improves dry and oily skin

Improves dry and oily skin

Along with other calamine lotion ingredients, some lotions are available with aloe vera too, which is great for dry skin. Calamine lotion is known to improve skin texture and keeps the skin hydrated too. Applying the lotion regularly keeps oily skin at bay too. This lotion is therefore excellent for all skin types.

5.Protects skin under your makeup

benefits of calamine lotionBefore applying makeup, apply a layer of calamine lotion. Calamine lotion under makeup protects your skin from makeup. Using calamine lotion under makeup evens out your skin, so that you can apply makeup easily, and the added bonus – the makeup lasts much longer without melting or cracking. it also helps to improve the quality of your skin.

6. It’s an effective sunscreen

It’s an effective sunscreen

How to use calamine lotion as a sunscreen apply on face and hands which will  save you from the harmful UVA/UVB sun rays. Calamine removes sun tan and gives immediate relief from sunburn.

7. Cures insect bites

insect-bite.It gives instant relief from insect bites, poison ivy reactions etc. It has a cooling effect on the skin, distracts itchiness and soothes redness. It heals inflammation due to ant or mosquito bites. Just apply calamine lotion to the bite/sting area a few times during the day. Massage it gently and the inflammation/stinging sensation will reduce.

8. Treats diaper rash

Treats diaper rash

Calamine lotion eases skin irritation and rashes. This is why it is a great remedy for diaper rash. It keeps the skin free of moisture and prevents rashes from happening again. Rub the lotion on the rash but if the rash doesn’t get better in about three days, you should consult the pediatrician.

9. Gives relief from itching during pregnancy

Some women suffer a lot from itching on the tummy and other areas of the body during pregnancy. This condition is also known as pruritus, and calamine lotions can relieve the terrible itching. The American Pregnancy Association also suggests the use of calamine lotion to get relief from itching which occurs during pregnancy. Apply calamine lotion directly on the affected area with your hands or with cotton swabs. Let it dry. Experience the benefits of calamine lotion during the extremely uncomfortable itching occurring in pregnancy.


Intense itching could be a symptom of high sugar levels. You should get a blood sugar test done and consult the doctor if your itching persists or if your blood test reveals high sugar levels.

10. Treats armpit rashes

 Calamine-treats-armpit-rashesJust as calamine lotion works to heal diaper rashes, inflammation etc, it helps to cure armpit rashes too. Armpit rash is one of the most uncomfortable things that can ever happen to anybody, and calamine lotion is an effective yet harmless cure for it.

11. Heals chicken pox blisters

chicken pox blisters

Chicken pox causes body pain and fever and the hugely uncomfortable blisters. The menthol, camphor and phenol in calamine dries out the blisters in a safe manner. It will soothe your skin and help you feel better. Calamine lotion is a far better treatment for the blisters than hydrocortisone cream, which is a steroid. Use colloidal oatmeal bath to relieve the itching due to chicken pox.

There are hardly any side effects of calamine lotion. If you happen to experience any irritation after using it, ask your doctor about and also seek his/her advice for alternative medication. With so many benefits of calamine lotion, you definitely should keep a bottle and include it as part of your beauty routine.

12. Heals scabies:

Heals scabies

One of the bothersome skin ailments caused by microscopic mites burrowing under the skin surface. Severe itching makes your life hell. Calamine with its soothing effect can give quick relief from frequent itches and scratches resulting from it.

13. Treats Poison Ivy:

Apply the lotion over the affected areas

Rash from Poison Ivy is painful. Calamine can provide you quick relief. Apply the lotion over the affected areas especially when there is enough moisture. Take care not to dry your skin as too much calamine application may cause so.

14. Facilitates wound healing:


This is another amazing benefit of Calamine which can be of frequent use. The healing property can be attributed to the presence of zinc that fastens healing and regeneration. Further, it also prevents the growth of microbes ensuring the wound infection-free.

15. Treats nail fungus:

nail fungus

Toe nail fungus is a common problem distorting the shape and appearance of your toes. Anecdotes suggest that zinc present in calamine can be effective in healing toe nail fungus. Do not leave out other treatments for toe nail fungus. It can be an added treatment after consulting your doctor.

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