Add sattu to your diet for several health benefits

Sattu has been a nutritious food from time immemorial. Including sattu in your everyday life proves to provide tremendous energy and other health benefits. Sattu whether consumed as a drink or food is one of the most traditional, popular and nutritious meal. Here’s why sattu should be included in the everyday diet.

How is sattu flour obtained?  

sattu flour

Sattu is the flour obtained on grinding the roasted chickpeas. You can try making sattu at home as it includes the easiest process. No doubt, sattu is available in packages in the market but if you prefer homemade sattu, the grinding technique will work well for you.

Sattu delivers many health benefits

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Made from roasted Bengal gram, sattu is rich in proteins and fiber. The high fiber content makes it an ideal food for improving health of your intestines. Sattu is a mixture of balanced nutrients and prepared by roasting technique. This is the healthiest cooking method that delivers many health benefits.

Apart from its high nutritional value, sattu provides immense energy to the body that makes it a unique food item. The low glycemic index in sattu makes it highly beneficial for diabetes. Moreover, it has magnesium, iron, and manganese in appropriate quantities with sodium on the lower side. If you have any digestion problem, a glass of sattu drink will give benefiting results by detoxifying the body.

Fulfills individualistic requirements

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For growing children, 2 tablespoon of sattu provides enough nutrition and for ladies everyday use can help in replenishing the lost nutrition thereby helping them stay fit. In case of young people sattu helps in maintaining a balanced diet with continuous energy, whereas for middle age group regular consumption of sattu improves stamina and helps in staying energetic. The old people can derive the benefit of a healthy digestive system by eating sattu every day.

You can consume sattu in different ways

healthier breakfast

To include sattu in everyday life, you can try it in different forms. The easiest way is to make sharbat out of sattu, whether sweet or salted that depends on your taste. You also can try making porridge, upma and paranthas with sattu for healthier breakfast. The laddoos made with sattu are nutritious and tastes good when mixed with honey and ghee. Litti is another famous snack of Bihar and Jharkhand that’s also made from sattu. It is served with chokha that include fried balls with a mixture of sattu, green chillies, coriander, lemon, garlic etc.

Sattu is beneficial for all, as it helps to maintain a balanced diet. If you include sattu in your everyday meal, it can regulate diabetes, blood pressure and keep your fit.

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