A look at the worlds’ most Exclusive Drug Rehabs

Luxury Drug Rehabs may have been a missing piece of the puzzle at a time addiction literally caused the fabric of society to start disintegrating in America.

The rise of the worlds’ most exclusive Drug Rehab Centers is indeed an interesting topic with reference to Johnny “The Healer” Tabaie and The Holistic Sanctuary. New trends are being set in medical tourism and Luxury Drug Rehabs, so why is it worthy of our attention?



American pharmaceutical companies and those who deal illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin are distinctly different, yet they have one thing in common: Both mastered the marketing tactics of seducing even the upper class of society with highly addictive substances.

Today we see even the wealthy with excellent private medical care spend their care budgets on opioid-based pain medication that is highly addictive. People within the same income group became recurring clients of cocaine and other drug dealers.

By now the realization has dawned that addiction is not something associated with the homeless, but there is also desperation among the wealthy – and all levels of society – to break free from the grips of addiction. As we will learn below, one man and his organization are doing something remarkable about it.

As we already know, medical professionals have been crying out in vain for hallucinogenic drug rehab in order to solve the appalling relapse rates. Beyond the FDA and the US, countries around the world started leading the world in this process.

The Holistic Sanctuary:

Johnny Tabaie is a distinguished pioneer in the application of Advanced Alternative Health, which he practices alongside qualified Emergency Medical Doctors. He developed the popular “Pouyan Method” and founded The Holistic Sanctuary with locations along the Pacific coast.  This has become one of the most powerful and successful countermeasures to the ongoing addiction crisis.


Since we now see and hear many testimonials that addiction is cured by the “Pouyan Method” it is clearly something worth discussing as it solves the problem of high relapse rates faced in the US. (See video testimonials and Johnny The Healer reviews here.)

The Holistic Sanctuary is the only facility in the world that makes use of the proprietary “Pouyan Method” which is a healing protocol. It draws on multi-disciplinary methods which include the administration of proprietary IV and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a non-GMO diet specifically designed for the individual, the administration of Medical Ibogaine where appropriate and finally, a combination of yoga massage, reiki, and relevant Alternative Health practices.

In a recent interview, Johnny Tabaie said the following: “I developed a clear vision – and that is to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods. Our approach is to discover the underlying cause of the addiction, then to remove all drug residues from the body by relying on 100% Holistic detox therapies in an environment that inspires higher-level thinking”.

Re-defining exclusivity and luxury drug rehabs:


The Pouyan Method is already not something that can be found anywhere else in the world, yet there are many things one would expect from a luxury rehab that are also present at The Holistic Sanctuary. It is a 5-star resort with a sea-facing gym and hot tub spa facility. There are 5 staff for each patient so the level of care is exceptional.

Many feel that this is where the pioneering work of Johnny Tabaie created the biggest differentiator: It is also the worlds’ only medically supervised Ayahuasca Retreat where you can sit in the presence of a Shaman and a Medical Doctor.

Judging by the super luxurious facilities, it is clear that no expense was spared, particularly also with the installation of expensive HBOT equipment to facilitate oxygen therapy. Filling the void that is created when you stop doing drugs might seem like a challenge. But when this is done in a surreal environment, it is so much easier. All this can be easily accessed from the Pacific coast. If you travel from far, the easiest is to fly into San Diego airport to be collected by a team member.


The business of non-discreet group counseling and treatments that are not tailored to the individual are dying a slow death in America. People are looking for more effective ways to cure addiction faster and prevent relapse. Perhaps the introduction of luxury drug rehabs was overdue and finally, we now see an organization that developed something unique that is attracting attention. We’re not expecting someone like Johnny Tabaie to get any help from big pharma companies. Yet it seems clear that he has come up with a revolutionary way and style to turn back the clock on addiction. Fortunately, the public can now connect directly with facilities like The Holistic Sanctuary in their quest to take back their lives.

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