9 Foods to speed up recovery from bladder infections

Cystitis, commonly known as bladder infection, is regularly visible in elder people, pregnant women, children and anyone, in the course of their daily bustle. Though the infection is not dangerous, its signs are hurting. Antibiotics are normally prescribed to cure the infection but there are certain foods that will aid in the swift recuperation of the infection. At the same time, some foods are to be avoided completely which include sweets, honey, certain fruits like oranges, bananas, fruit juices and finally, alcohol. The following list will provide you an idea of the food items that can be included to your daily diet, to free yourself from the contagion. Nutritional advances can rate up healing process and aid to prevent reappearances.


Water is an excellent source to evade urinary infections and to shun future infectivity. Water aids to wash out the bacteria present in your urinary bladder. Additional water intake will eliminate the wastes from kidneys as they strain the blood to prepare urine. Less water intake will lead to the formation of gall bladder stones, which promote risk for urinary infections. Hence, do increase your water intake and protect your bladder from getting infected. But avoid tap water, hot and cold beverages like coffee, tea, diet drinks and fruit juices. You may have green tea in moderate quantities.


Cranberries contain antioxidants, which avert bacteria from urinary swathe coating. This will wash out the bacteria and prevent it to get multiplied. Include cranberry juice to your diet that is free from sugar and any other preservatives. Sugar intake can harmfully upshot your kidneys. Foods like cranberries, corn, lentils, peanuts and walnuts and lime help to fight the bacteria that promotes urinary infection. Intake of proteins will aid in proper kidney functioning. Raw foods improve your resistance power. So include them in plenty to your diet. Increase eating alkaline foods.

C vitamin

Because of its acidic nature, C vitamin will provide superior urinary swathe health. Bacteria cannot survive in acidic situation. But some people might have problem in digesting oranges, which are a great of C vitamin. Instead include other foods like red or green peppers, strawberries, lime or lemon in moderate quantities.Vitamin C will have a undeviating outcome in dropping the growth of bacteria and strengthening the immune system.


Garlic is the food that will aid you to prevent urinary infection. It can avert infection being an accepted antibiotic. It is rich in flavonoids and sulphur compounds. Garlic manages to maintain good cholesterol level, as high cholesterol will be a great threat to your kidney functioning. Garlic is more beneficial when uncooked. You can include garlic to your daily diet, to procure more benefit from it. Some people may not like the smell of garlic. You can consume garlic in the form of tablets.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds emerge from flax plant, which is considered to be the best source of omega 3 fatty acids. They are rich in phyto chemicals and fiber. They contain powerful anti oxidants which help you in preventing bladder infections. This can be added to your food items by grinding them to a fine powder and excluding the salt. Even sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds are also equally good for you.



Vegetables like kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, both red and green, lettuce, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, zucchini, mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes and onions should be consumed in abundant quantities. They are great sources of vitamin C and contain very low calories. This can be had in the form of salads but by excluding salt and honey. You can have fresh vegetable juices also. Vegetables help you a lot in eliminating wastes and maintaining good health.

Vegetable juices

Spinach is an excellent cure for cystitis. Add equal quantities of spinach and coconut water and consume the same as many times as possible. Apple cider vinegar should be added to a cup of boiled water. The liquid can be sipped many times a day. Cucumbers also help to eliminate the urinary infections. Prepare a juice of cucumbers and consume the same, three to two times a day. You can also have lemon juice. Squeeze a lemon to a glass of lukewarm water and consume immediately. Its alkaline quality will provide you a soothing effecting in letting down your infection. You can even have barley water throughout the day as it will increase the urine flow thus eliminating more wastes from kidneys.

Pumpkin seeds

Dry the pumpkin seeds and crush them to a powder. Add this to boiling water to make a tea of it, which would be an exceptional therapy for urinary infections. You can also make a natural liquid of the seeds. Add some pumpkin seeds to boiling water and boil for half an hour. Remove it from heat and leave it to cool for another half an hour. Drink the same several times a day. This will prove really effective in fighting the urinary infections. Some more food items that can be included to your diet are millets, quinoa , amaranth, cayenne, gelatin, unprocessed salt, fish, string beans, plain yoghurt and brown rice.

Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts will help you a lot in fighting cystitis. It can be consumed in the form of capsules, can be consumed whole, as juice and can be added to your salads. Even fresh tender coconut and its water, chestnuts will help you. Almonds are equally preferable, as they are rich in monounsaturated fats that will fight bad cholesterol.

The diet restrictions mentioned above may appear tough but it is inspiring to know that you can accomplish major development without using any medication. The only thing is you need to plan for it. Eat properly and be happy.

Good luck!

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