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8 Reasons why you may be suffering from an itchy butt

An itchy butt can be an uncomfortable and rather embarrassing problem to deal with. If the relentless itching and redness is not enough trouble, the inability to deal with it in public places is another problem altogether.

However, don’t be surprised when we say that an itchy butt is a very common problem faced by several individuals around the world. The condition can also be caused by several reasons apart from just improper hygiene. Accordingly, here are 6 such reasons that may be the cause for your itchy butt.

1. Fungal infections

itchy butt (2)

A fungal infection in the area can lead to an itchy butt. Similar to Athlete’s Foot, a fungal infection is usually triggered by a fungus and can spread to other areas of the body, including the palms and groin. The fungus causing the infection usually thrives in the warm and moist areas of the body, including the butt, groin and underarms, etc. Scratching can only worsen the infection and cause it to spread further. A topical anti-fungal ointment is the best treatment for the infection in this case and can get rid of an itchy butt effectively.

2. Wet wipes and toilet paper

toilet paper

Not many know that toilet paper and wet wipes can lead to an itchy butt. Overusing these products can increase your risks of contracting the condition while the increased use of alcohol, perfume and other preservatives in them can cause rashes on the skin with time. So if you are complaining about an itchy butt for quite some time now, it may have got to do with the toilet paper or wipes that you are using.

3. Check your clothing

Check your clothing

You may be suffering from an itchy butt due to your clothing; clothing that do not breathe. They trap the sweat causing itching anywhere around the butt. The fabric, dyes and even the detergent used for washing your clothing can cause itchy butt. If the itching starts out of no apparent reason, your clothing may be responsible for causing irritation.

4. Irritant in your diet

diet can be responsible for itchy butt

Sounds surprising? But your diet can be responsible for itchy butt. If your diet is very acidic or you take in a lot of irritants, you can face this problem. This happens during and after pooping. According to research, coffee, tea, chocolate, tomatoes, citrus fruits, dairy products and alcoholic beverages can give rise to itching in your butt.

5. Pinworms or threadworms

Woman with hemorrhoids

Icky but true! The presence of these worms in your rectum and colon can lead to a very itchy butt. These parasitic worms are only about 13 mm long and live in the colon and rectum. The females usually come out of the body via the anus and lay their eggs on the surrounding skin, triggering an allergic reaction that leads to redness and itchiness.

In this case, scratching the area can not only worsen the infection, but can cause the eggs to reach your gut via your fingernails. If you suspect your itchy butt may be due to a pinworm or threadworm, contact the doctor immediately.

6. Hemorrhoids, piles or constipation

Woman in toilet

Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids or piles usually complain of an itchy butt. These conditions usually lead to anal discharges which can cause the itchiness. Chronic constipation can also cause anal itching owing to its potential to cause anal fissures and piles in the long run. Again, scratching is not a solution to these problems. While treating these conditions with medications, you need to ensure to maintain proper hygiene by keeping your bottom clean and dry.

7. Atopic dermatitis eczema

allergic rash dermatitis skin

Atopic dermatitis eczema is an allergic skin reaction that can cause anal itching. The condition is more prone in children. However it can occur in adults who wear tight undergarments or pants made of synthetic materials. If you find the skin surrounding the area to be itchy and flaky, chances are high that you may be suffering from atopic dermatitis eczema. Get in touch with a doctor for treatment options.

8. Pilonidal sinus

itchy butt (1)

Ever heard of a butt crack? This is another hold that develops in the cleft of the anus. Also called as the pilonidal sinus, it is an extremely painful condition, especially if the hole fills up with pus. Although not a common condition, and without an exact cause, pilonidal sinus may be another reason for the itchiness near your butt. Take note of any redness, boils or swelling in the area as well. If you do, contact a doctor immediately.

An itchy butt may not necessarily be caused by improper hygiene all the time. If you are experiencing anal itching frequently, you may be suffering from another underlying problem. In this case, diagnosing the condition and getting it treated via a doctor is the best way to get rid of an itchy butt.

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