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Human Resources (HR) & Administration Training

Understanding the entire gamut of services under HR/Admin

A HR/Admin team in an organization is responsible for entire gamut of services, which includes recruitment & selection, training & development, performance appraisal, employee retention, employee welfare, statutory compliance, liaison with Government officials etc that comes under the work profile of the HR department. On the other hand, administration department keeps track on smooth functioning of activities like housekeeping, maintenance, security, travel & ticketing, canteen etc. Both these departments also are responsible for looking after day to day office activities, record attendance, salary increment procedures, counseling employees, preparing offer/appointment letters etc.

Thus, one can say HR along with the admin department plays a vital role in achieving strategic goals set by any organization, as both these departments essentially deal with two very important aspects of business – Human Resources & Discipline within an organization. Though the major role of the HR department still remains recruiting right talent and ensuring that the people within the organization are satisfied with the company policies, performance evaluation, and pay scale, HR today also caters to lots of other activities that ensure efficient functioning of an organization. HR is today involved in the strategic planning process and formulating policies accordingly in order to ensure that the organization attains its objectives.

Why training is required for HR/Admin professionals?

As HR/Admin team deals with human resources in any organization, with appropriate training, the aspiring HR/Admin professionals or even the existing HR/admin managers will not only be able to show increased efficiency in their work, but also understand the changing role of these departments in current competitive business arena, which will help them smoothen the functioning of their departments. Training makes one understand the dynamics of a particular field, which go beyond the educational courses, as training offers practical exposure to the participants with appropriate case studies discussed.

Why Dr Prem as your guide in training? 

Dr Prem’s HR & Admin training modules aim at helping professionals to gain knowledge and hands on experience on several HR as well as admin related issues. Some of the topics that get touched upon are recruitment, training, communication skills, leadership & motivational skills, performance appraisal, conflict resolution, decision making, admin related challenges etc. Effective functioning of the admin department by implementing most successful globally accepted strategies is also an important aspect of training workshop conducted by Dr Prem. Dr Prem being global management expert also gives an opportunity to the participants to get an overview of HR and admin strategies adopted by leading companies across the world.


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