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Dr. Prem a chartered consultant along with global associate offer result oriented consultancy services across the globe. Dr Prem has an extensive portfolio of services in the field of Global Healthcare and Management. Dr. Prem has worked in association with major healthcare organizations in over 25 countries and brings with him a vast global experience. He uses his expertise research finding and the huge experience to develop management strategies for various organizations. Dr Prem’s Associates are established Global Experts in their respective profession and have contributed significantly.

Dr. Prem is highly qualified and his experience makes his consultancy services exceptional. He is in a unique position to understand the specialized needs of the healthcare sector. He is associated with global experts and healthcare authorities and is supported by a talented and experienced team. Dr Prem and his consultancy services are committed to helping healthcare organizations transform themselves into market leaders. Under his guidance many organizations have shown exponential growth and earned a strategic position in the business world.


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About Dr Prem’s Consultancy Services

Healthcare Public Speaking Training

With the mounting gratitude of human values the society’s expectations from the healthcare field have experienced a fundamental change. Hospital and the healthcare industry are a part of the social system. They have to deal with healthcare professionals like doctors, paramedical and other related professionals. They also have to deal with personnel from the management services of the organization. Then the most important is their patients and relatives, consumers and common public.

In addition to individual relations, public relations have their roots in the acts and attitudes of all members of the organization, who are eventually accountable for the appearance of the organization. Gaining good public relations is the goal and an indispensable slice of marketing. An thoughtfulness of the consumer’s wants, competent and first-class products or services, and operational communication is the root of healthcare public relations.

Dr Prem’s trainers are well experienced with the countless services and capabilities mandatory to uphold active public relations. They have a wide-ranging experience in providing global healthcare solutions to various organizations and conducting workshops and training across the globe. The training programs emphasis on imparting the related knowledge and expertise in a very interactive way. The sessions have a practical attitude towards accepting the topic and thereby reassuring arrival of newer ideas also.

Healthcare City Project consultant

Dr Prem as a Healthcare City Project Consultant

Healthcare is a fast growing field and there is an ever increasing need for good healthcare services. With the different medical services that are available at different places, patients often find it difficult to avail the facilities.

With healthcare reformation, the need for a comprehensive healthcare plan is realized. It is necessary to draw a bigger picture and design all-inclusive health projects.

Healthcare city project is a proposal that can solve this purpose and provide quality healthcare services under one roof.

Healthcare city project


This project needs to meet the quality standards and engage highly qualified and skilled healthcare professionals. It offers full range of medical and paramedical services and may also include complementary and alternative medical facilities and wellness services.

Along with the medical services, the healthcare city project can also provide medical education and research facilities.

Healthcare city project consultant

The healthcare city project involves a lot of meticulous planning and co-ordination with various departments. There are many legal issues, government recognitions and certifications involved in this project set-up. With all these varied requirements, it is beneficial to invest in a healthcare city project consultant, who can guide through the project.

The consultant needs to be fully aware of the healthcare and wellness industry, healthcare marketing and business, government regulations, accreditations and other legal issues. They should have the proficiency in planning, trading, all levels of healthcare services, and be able to provide cost efficient healthcare and wellness solutions.

 Why choose Dr. Prem?

Dr. Prem is a world renowned chartered consultant and is in the best position of offer healthcare city project consultancy. He is highly accomplished and experienced in the field of healthcare marketing, wellness tourism, corporate wellness, and healthcare brand management and similar other fields.

He is a strategic planner and offers valuable healthcare business solutions to suit the requirements of the clients. He vigilantly steps forwards and moves towards the desired goal.

His healthcare city project management includes, feasibility studies to recognize the areas that need improvement and weigh the demand and supply system. This also includes identifying the healthcare specialty areas, gap analysis, and financial capability.

Following this research, there is a need to plan a sound strategy and design a roadmap. Various issues like client needs and social requirements, local regulations, etc need to be kept in mind during planning. The next step is the execution of the project design and developing evaluation system and performance metrics.

Dr. Prem, uses his expertise and cosmic experience to make a difference to his projects. He is an exceptional speaker and compels his listeners to get into action. He has spoken in many international conferences on various topics of his expertise.

How Dr. Prem can make a difference?

Dr. Prem has been in the field of healthcare since long and knows the conventions and prospects of the healthcare industry. He has worked with many large organizations, in several countries and hence has an experience of many governments.

Dr. Prem has developed quite a few healthcare initiatives and wellness programs.   Being a wellness tourism expert, Dr. Prem is well acquainted with the government regulations, accreditation and certification procedures.

Dr. Prem has worked in many countries and has the knowledge and expertise of working with different cultures. This proves to be beneficial as he has worked in various set-ups and brings with a wide range of proficiency.

Consultancy Services

Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant

Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant

patientcareDr Prem is a world renowned Global Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant who offers eminent global healthcare outsourcing consultancy services supporting government healthcare authorities, healthcare organizations and medical tourism facilitators. The global healthcare outsourcing consultancy services is delivered with the professionals from local and global agents. Custom-made, designer and complete consultancy services are offered centred at specific requests. Please contact Dr Prem for more details.

3D Image Processing

3D image processing is a radically emerging and commanded service not only in Healthcare industry but by various other industries too. 3D image is attained when several 2D images are pooled together. 3D Image processing has a key goal of achieving the best likely copies in the maximum ingenuous way so as to aid the doctors; specialist or technologists to get a image of the object in a significantly superior mode from all the insights.

Accounts Receivable Management Service

Accounts receivable management is a process which involves evolving cash flow system and decreasing claims refusal. Accordingly the accounts receivable are turned into cash which can be employed by the firm for enhanced resolutions. An Accounts receivable management service aids the healthcare organization by taking care of follow ups of awaiting claims, starting collections, locating the causes for claims rejections, following unsettled receivable by purchaser and providing information from time to time when the due date of payment is exceeded.

Charge entry process

Charge entry process is a service which profits the healthcare organization to improve the productivity and cut the time spent in repetitive entering of charges data.

Claims Processing software

Claims processing software is software that benefits to achieve the entire claims process right from reporting to reimbursement. This software is useful in settling the claims even if they are complex.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a software database application envisioned to create and mature organization workflow. Each stage of the patient consultation can be copied by the EMR system – refining capability, productivity, and revenues.

Healthcare software

Healthcare software is a key for a healthcare organization which supports the organization to cope numerous structures that are interconnected. Ever since the prominence of this software is slowly been recognized by many healthcare organizations, the request for the same has been rising. Healthcare experts bank on healthcare software as it provides comprehensive healthcare software solutions.

Indexing Medical Records

Indexing medical records is an authoritative chore as it involves amalgamating and storing of data. The whereabouts of patients, clinical history, insurance details, etc. is protected with the assistance of Indexing Medical Records. The authorized person can access any data about the patient in a wink. Since it is mandatory from the legal point of view to store patient data, this is an excellent solution.

Medical Animation

Innumerable medical visuals or snapshots collectively meet to form Medical animation. Medical animation comforts any layman to know the convolutions involved in many medical circumstances. Medical Animation can escort people, who have no medical background; with medical knowledge.

Medical Billing

Medical Billing is related with medical codes, documentation, medical claims and settlements. As it contains countless multifaceted issues it is essential to take good precaution of it. It also helps in patient follow-up.

Outsourcing medical billing is an unsurpassed elucidation that a healthcare organization can consider to evade any glitches rising owing to carelessness in the billing process. It is a global movement and its worth is by now experienced by so many organizations globally.

Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing is associated with compensating the money from patients for the medical facilities delivered to them. As it is a actual intricate route, it is anytime suitable to outsource this service. It consists of many steps like verifying the documents, validating the claims, etc.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is the conversion of narrative justifications of disorders, injuries, and healthcare systems into codes which are represented as numbers or alphabets. The code for each term is permanent and signifies exact description of the illness. It is used in diagnosis, treatment, giving medicines and injections. This is useful in hospitals, research institutions and medical colleges.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is a diagnostic system which produces 2D and 3D images of the living body consequently assisting in diagnosing the particular difficulty in the body. Numerous difficulties like sicknesses inside the body, problem outside the body/on the outer surface of the skin can be effortlessly identified without affecting the body.


Telemedicine is a healthcare solution that offers its consumers a two way communication between doctor and patient using the newest expertise settled in IT and telecommunications industry. A technology which allows the doctor and patient to use videoconferencing to converse the health situation and the management, also sharing x-ray photographs, operation videos etc. is what we call Telemedicine. It helps you to invest your valuable resources in other more important tasks.


Teleradiology is the facility to direct radiographic images (x-rays) from one place to another. Image, sending station, receiving station and transmission network are the vital tools which are obligatory for Teleradiology model to work.

Teleradiology works when two systems are connected through internet. The receiving station having superiority presentation monitors aid to get the clinical purpose done. Images can also be converted into hardcopy from the printer. A scanner is required to send the images.

Gulf Healthcare Consultant

Strategic Consultant for Gulf Healthcare industry (Also known as Middle East Healthcare or Arab Healthcare industry).

Dr Prem Jagyasi is renowned Healthcare Marketing and Healthcare Management consultant based in Middle East (Gulf or Arab) region. He has successfully consulted governments, international healthcare organizations, and healthcare equipment manufacturing companies, health insurance groups and large pharmaceutical groups.

Practicing healthcare management over ten years Dr Prem has successfully developed:

  • First Radiology Diagnostic Center in Sharjah
  • Business concept of First Boutique Hospital in Dubai, UAE
  • Joint ventures and mergers between local healthcare and international healthcare groups
  • Strategic rebranding and restructure of a hospital in Abu Dhabi
  • Consultancy to Ministry and Government bodies of Gulf Countries
  • Preventive Medicine work in Gulf Countries in association with governments
  • Research on Chronic Medical Conditions and Lifestyle
  • Public Relation and Marketing Consultancy to Pharmaceutical Groups
  • Business Development, Public Relation and Marketing Consultancy to Healthcare Insurance Companies
  • Strategic marketing planning and executions for medical equipment companies
  • Marketing consultancy to healthcare event companies with international portfolio
  • Chairmanship and leadership of healthcare congresses and events in Gulf

Understanding of Gulf Healthcare Sector (observation from Dr Prem Jagyasi’s recent press release)

  • Resilience of GCC Healthcare Sector Fuels Need for Specialist Healthcare Service Agencies
  • The continued buoyancy of the regional healthcare sector is providing ample opportunities for dedicated service industries to capitalize on its growth
  • The healthcare sector in the Gulf region has shown considerable resilience in the face of the economic downturn and the forecast is for this to continue. It is estimated that by 2025, the Gulf’s healthcare market will increase fivefold and this steady growth has created opportunities for specialist providers offering tertiary services for the industry.
  • The growth in the healthcare sector is being underpinned by a maturing of the market, in which both major and minor players are outsourcing aspects of their operations to specialists in order to steal a march on their competition.
  • Communications as being one area where stakeholders are keen to maintain their edge.
  • Spreading the word about your organization is a fundamental ingredient for success and effective public relations is vital to get ahead.
  • Industry growth equates to much more competition in the market place and you have to make your product or service stand out from the crowd in order to fully capitalise on the prevailing conditions.
  • Analysts have valued the GCC healthcare market at being between USD 15 billion and USD 18 billion last year, with a report published by Alpen Capital estimating that its growth would be about 9% annually to reach between USD 47 billion and USD 55 billion by 2020. This expansion is necessary to service an increasing population, with the GCC’s current population growth rate being around five per cent a year – a rate that will see its 39 million inhabitants double over the next 20 years. US management consultant McKinsey & Company predicts that the cost of healthcare in the GCC will increase by 240 per cent over this period.
  • In addition to the continued relocation of expatriates to the Gulf region, life expectancy among its established population is rising. The average age of a GCC inhabitant is now 76 years, which is just two years less than that of a US citizen. This figure is between 20-50% more than the various Gulf State countries life expectancies in 1970, revealing the great strides forward that have been made in the region’s healthcare provision over the last 40 years.
  • Chronic ailments such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other obesity-related illnesses continue to place a burden on the GCC health sector.
  • A sedentary lifestyle and the popularity of a fast food diet are just two of the bad habits adopted from the west that are causing health issues in the GCC population. When you add to these factors the global shortage of healthcare professionals to provide the necessary services, you can see that there are still considerable challenges to be faced.

Consultancy Services

Healthcare Marketing Consultancy

Healthcare Marketing Consultantcy Services


Dr Prem Jagyasi is a supreme Healthcare Marketing Consultant who offers global Healthcare consultancy services put together with a combined experience
of over fifteen years in the marketing distinctly
a foremost Global Healthcare consultant in the
world. Understanding the important and minute
nuances of all his clients, Dr Prem weighs his
know howto buildup. Dr Prem’s Marketing
Consultancy Services are focused on delivering
adaptable and effective solutions to address
its clients’marketing needs. The organisation
ensures that every dollar spent brings value by
creating an outstanding return on investment. Dr
Prem has an extensive background in healthcare,
making them uniquely poised to understand the
needs of the healthcare industry. Dr Prem can
offer specialist knowledge-based program of
marketing assistance for established healthcare
industry players, new entrants, or those just wishing
b to revamp their existing structure. His expertise are:
Dr Prem normally proffers dedicated knowledge based program of Healthcare marketing assistance for conventional and ascertained industry players, new fangled entrants or to others who just wish to revamp their existing composition and by and large the health tourism consultancy services are provided in concurrence with the international and regional representatives. His expertise are: Dr Prem normally proffers dedicated knowledge based program of Healthcare marketing assistance for conventional and ascertained industry players, new fangled entrants or to others who just wish to revamp their existing composition and by and large the health tourism consultancy services are provided in concurrence with the international and regional representatives.

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Integrated Healthcare Marketing Consultancy

Integrated Marketing combines all aspects of the concept, such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, to work together as a unified force. This ensures consistency of the message through the use of complementary media. Dr Prem utilises various channels of communication for its marketing strategies. These range from online marketing channels, such as Search Engine Optimisation and pay-per-click, Internet to offline marketing channels, such as public relations, industry relations, billboard, radio and television. The Integrated Marketing communications approach is becoming increasingly important because of a rapidly changing environment with respect to consumers, technology and media. Various developments in the advertising and media industry have caused marketers as well as ad agencies and other promotional facilitators to make a move towards Integrated Marketing. These include a shift from:

  • Media advertising to multiple forms of communication.
  • Mass media to more specialised (niche) media, which is focused on specific target audiences.
  • A manufacturer-dominated market to a retailer-dominated and consumer-controlled market.
  • General-focus advertising and marketing to data-based marketing.
  • Low agency accountability to greater agency accountability, particularly in advertising.
  • Traditional compensation to performance-based compensation (increased sales or benefits to the company).

Dr Prem specializes in the following fields of Integrated Marketing

  • Advertising
  • Brands
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Change
  • Communication and Promotion
  • Companies
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Competitors
  • Consultants
  • Corporate Branding
  • Creativity
  • Customer Needs
  • Customer Orientation
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management (CRM)
  • Customers
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Database Marketing
  • Design
  • Differentiation
  • Direct Mail
  • Distribution and Channels
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Financial Marketing
  • Focusing and Niching
  • Forecasting and the Future
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Growth Strategies
  • Image and Emotional Marketing
  • Implementation and Control
  • Information and Analytics
  • Innovation Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Internet and E-Business
  • Leadership
  • Loyalty
  • Marketing Assets and Resources
  • Marketing Department Interfaces
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Roles and Skills
  • Markets
  • Market Place
  • Media
  • Mission
  • New Product Development
  • Opportunity
  • Organization
  • Outsourcing
  • Performance Measurement
  • Positioning
  • Price
  • Products
  • Profits
  • Public Relations
  • Quality
  • Recession Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Retailers and Vendors
  • Sales Force
  • Sales Promotion
  • Segmentation
  • Selling
  • Service
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Strategy
  • Success and Failure
  • Suppliers
  • Target Markets
  • Technology
  • Telemarketing and Call Centres
  • Trends in Marketing Thinking and Practice
  • Value
  • Word of Mouth
  • Video Marketing

Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

A comprehensive marketing plan is essential to create cohesive and impressive messages through all your organization’s communication activities. Many healthcare organizations underestimate the power of training healthcare professionals within the organizations:

Dr Prem assist Hospitals about what healthcare professionals saying to consumer/patients in the office, on the phone, on the Internet, through promotional material or even during non-medical communication.

Dr Prem provide comprehensive marketing consultancy and training to healthcare professionals including:

In-Office Practice Marketing

  • Customer Service Training
  • Warm Lead Generation
  • Return on Investment Measures
  • Retain and Repeat Incentive Programs

Physician Practice Internet Marketing

  • Custom, Targeted Newsletters
  • Web-friendly Internet site
  • Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Dynamic Blog Writing
  • Scheduled e-mail and e-newsletter broadcasts

Corporate and Community Practice Marketing

  • Newspaper, Radio, Television Advertising
  • Press Releases
  • Direct-mail Promotions
  • Media Buy Coordination
  • Seminar Management
  • Community Screenings

Brand Management Training

Public Relationship Training

Social Media Marketing Training

Marketing for Healthcare Organization

Dr Prem brings a collective experience of over fifteen years in the field of healthcare marketing and communications. The organisation understands the needs of its clients and the distinct market forces at play in the regional healthcare sector.

As an healthcare organization, your responsibility to market hospital service lines on such a minimal budget as the more you increase marketing budget more it eventualy increases burden on patient.

You not only need to increase patient visits, retain patients, improve patient relationship, physician referrals, but it must be done in line with the hospital mission, vision and strategic goals.

Dr Prem helps through strategic consultany and training services, will help you connect patients, physicians and your hospital senior administration. Dr Prem will assist your healthcare organization redisover your community audience and speak to them in their own words.

  • Corporate identity
  • Brand identity
  • Strategic communication platforms
  • Key opinion leader outreach
  • Brand touch points

Healthcare Marketing Process

Dr Prem puts into place a research driven and result-oriented approach to achieve its clients’ objectives. Each plan is individually tailored to ensure the optimum reach to its relevant audience.

Dr Prem creates unique platforms to ensure that involvement of all the important stakeholders and develops touch points to enhance its clients’ brand equity.
·         Defines objective-driven deliverables
·         Identifies fertile environments
·         Builds platforms for interactions
·         Gauges effective tactics
·         Sources roll-out opportunities
·         Measures and analyses outcomes

Consultancy Services

Dr Prem a Chartered Marketing Consultant

As a chartered Healthcare Marketing Consultant, Dr Prem is a distinguished Healthcare Marketing Consultant who provides high‐profile consultancy services to Government authorities and private healthcare organizations. Dr Prem usually builds up an individualized Healthcare Marketing agenda designed to strengthen your organization’s position in this ever speedy marketplace.

Dr Prem helps one to learn more about your customers and prospective clients in order to assist you to respond to their needs and to visualize the products and services they will want in the future.

This methodology attracts newer customers and increases the existing customer loyalty, ultimately increasing the healthcare sales.

Dr Prem translates clients’ business vision into reality as his work is drawn from the deep knowledge about the Healthcare space as well as his far‐reaching association of relationships with healthcare stakeholders across a particular region.

Dr Prem has consulted group organizations with a total of over 100 hospitals across the globe. Dr Prem believes in building networks which is ever important to establish the right linkages which are effectual and individualized.

Dr Prem understands the needs of his clients and helps them to identify opportunities in integrative healthcare and to classify approaches to this ever up‐and‐coming market as he has an in‐depth knowledge and practical experience in the field.

Dr Prem has a great understanding about marketing, ethical, legal and cultural issues in consulting services as he lays heavy importance on how best to embrace new opportunities in the market.

Dr Prem Jagyasi has established repute for an advanced client service and innovative results‐oriented solutions. The focus is on helping clients grasp new opportunities and optimize their achievements in an emergent healthcare marketplace. Dr Prem has access to resources that helps us provide our clients with a leading edge point of view and more adaptability than many other consulting groups. Dr Prem creates exclusive policies to ensure the contribution of all the imperative stakeholders and develops touch points to enhance his clients’ brand equity. Dr Jagyasi is dedicated to create a spirited improvement in health care.

Healthcare Marketing Expertise

Dr Prem’s Healthcare Marketing Expertise are :

Healthcare Brand Management –
Developing Consumer Led Business –
STP ( Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) –
Personalized Services –
Product and Service development –
Price / Value Strategic Development –
Developing Effective Communication Strategies –
Developing Promotional Strategies with Marketing Mix –

Conference & Event Consultant


conference-pictDr Prem is one of the leading consultants for Healthcare conferences, congresses, seminars, consumer events; let it be Corporate, B2B, Consumer or merely educational event. Dr Prem has provided strategic consultancy to many international event organizers with strategic communications, business to business platforms, educational training and in-company training programs that are specific to the healthcare sector.

Dr Prem take prides in putting together event concepts which provide invaluable insights into the healthcare sector. On Corporate event side he has successfully consulted Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Congress, world Healthcare Congress, World Congress – Middle East and many Healthcare travel congresses.

He has also developed successful consumer event through developing corporate social responsibility strategies for many international organizations.

Dr Prem is leading individual consultant for Global Healthcare Conference and congress industry mainly because he holds pulse on global healthcare developments. His defined agenda topics are highly accepted from public and private sector.

Dr Prem provides high end consultancy services from Conference value creation, agenda development, Speaker identification and exceptional promotional strategies. His consultancy includes:

  • Conceptualization of Conference
  • Destination identification and key target market evaluation
  • Strategic Agenda Development
  • Congress Chairmanship Role
  • Identification of key note speakers and global Healthcare leaders
  • Access to above 20,000 Healthcare & Medical Tourism Industry participants
  • Invitation to governments and representation and delegation on behalf of governments
  • Creation of business meeting with online software and creative meeting management
  • Promotion of conferences through white label PR services, hitting guaranteed news services like Google, Yahoo, Reuter, AP, etc (Through established Newswire Services)
  • Online promotional strategies through online advertisement and social media marketing strategies
  • Support on Conference Budget development and arrangements on barters services to minimize conference costs
  • Development of Medical Tourism Workshops
  • Creating ROI papers for Main Sponsors


    Dr Prem understands the importance of creating pragmatic touch-points to deliver effective community outreach programs. His forte is one of deploying and involving media to engage in a number of initiatives, ranging from generating awareness about life-threatening diseases to conducting onsite check-ups and distributing information. He has consulted events which uses film screenings, plays, discussions, games and quizzes to draw in the public and acquaint them with a healthy way of life


    Dr Prem grasp of the business requirements intricacies of the healthcare sector, coupled with its insights into the consumer psyche, places it in a unique position to offer the most effective solutions for a range of sales and marketing needs; whether promotion, awareness generation, sampling or brand building.


    Dr Prem undertakes personalized training programs that keep in mind the needs of the instituting organization. With access to an immense network of global trainers, the program development team is positioned to select educators that tally with the specific requirements of the healthcare sector. Dr Prem devises training programs that are aimed specifically at sharpening employees’ existing skills (up gradation) or allowing the acquisition of additional ones.


    Dr Prem’s Event Consultancy Services pride in maintaining the highest standards in research, technology and product development. His commitment to service and quality contribute to his reputation as the leading global consultant for Healthcare Events as he is uniquely positioned as provider of support solutions for the global healthcare industry.


    Dr Prem’s government affiliation services are key to success of conferences, congresses and events. Since Dr Prem works with many governments, he develop cohesive & synergetic platform of relationship exchange between governments and private sector. He brings great value by developing unique PPP initiatives.

Healthcare PR Consultancy

Healthcare PR Consultancy Services | Public Relations Training

iStock_000017389341SmallDr Prem’s public relations consultancy is a strategic consultancy dedicated to providing specialist training and service for the healthcare sector. Dr Prem has Endeavour to develop sustainable and workable communications solutions for stakeholders in the healthcare industry, He has successfully developed PR strategies for many international Healthcare, pharmaceutical and lifestyle organizations.

Dr Prem thoroughly understands the complex needs of fast paced, dynamic and growth-oriented businesses. His well-honed expertise, coupled with its specialist grounding in the healthcare industry, places it in a unique position to propel its clients business in the right direction.

Dr Prem has an unrivalled understanding of the corporate healthcare sector, positioning it effectively to build platforms that act as bridges for businesses to reach their stakeholders effectively.

His most celebrated training is highly recommended in the field of Media Management including – Media Interview skills, crises management and media relationship management.


Dr Prem deploys a research driven and results-oriented methodology to achieve its clients’ objectives. Each client plan is individually tailored to reach the relevant audience and the organisation’s multi-platform approach ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to extending the clients’ message. Dr Prem:
·         Defines measurable outcomes based on clients’ business objectives
·         Decides and identifies workable strategies after a careful and in-depth analysis of stakeholders
·         Details and deploys tools to launch and manage effective stakeholder outreach programs
·         Develops time-bound benchmarks and trackers
·         Delivers the program in the most effective manner
·         Determines the efficacy of the program


Dr Prem brings to the table a deep understanding of the health sector; an achievement attained from an aggregated experience of over fifty years through the team’s association with the industry. The organization identifies:

  • Key opinion leaders who are of importance to the business
  • Ethics and best practices followed in the healthcare industry
  • Dr Prem has over fifty years of collective experience in all platforms of communication, including:
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Event management
    • Publications
  • Dr Prem offers the following additional services:
  • Strategic counseling
  • Brand perception analysis
  • End-to-end press and news services
  • Stakeholder advocacy programs
  • Media training
  • Internal communications expertise
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning


PR Belief | Public Relationship Belief

Consultants success is inextricably linked with its clients’ and associates success. He respects their vision and aligns closely to develop programs which create an environment conducive for their sustainable and dynamic business growth.

The world is shrinking reaching out to this smaller, more specialized environment entails working closely to establish linkages which are effective, individualized and stand apart. ExHealth believes in innovation.

Networks are becoming increasingly important and the word is becoming an even more powerful tool.

Dr Prem has great networking connections within global healthcare fraternity, he understands the power of creating the right buzz.

At the heart of any successful program lie assessable and achievable outcomes. Dr Prem works to develop sound measurable benchmarks to evaluate the efficacy of the program.

Global Healthcare Consultant

Global Healthcare Consultant

Organizational_Change_598x335Whether you are Hospital, Healthcare Management Provider, Pharma Company, Medical Equipment manufacturer, Healthcar eEvent organizer or Healthcare investor, the likeliness is that your organization would need global expansion plan to expand your product and service reach.

On one hand Globalization of Healthcare provides you great opportunity to expand your portfolio, on other hand it is uncommon for your organization to expand, stratize or operate business without any global assistance / experience. Hence, Dr Prem provides you great opportunity to expand your business Globally through Strategic Consultancy and Support in developing resources and connections.

Dr Prem has consulted more than fifty Global Healthcare Organization, has spoken in more than Hundred Healthcare Conferences & Congresses across teh globe, and has educated / trained more than 50,000 Healthcare and Medical Tourism professionals through his speeches, workshops and webinars.

Dr Prem has network and connection of 100,000 Global Healthcare Professionals through is various resources including Global Healthcare Network; hence Dr Prem is uniquely positioned to assist the health care industry by managing its global strategies, relationships, operations.

Contact Dr Prem to know more about the Global Healthcare Consultancy Services.

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Dr Prem’s Training Programs

Respected & magnificent trainer, Dr Prem Jagyasi has provided training through numerous focused workshops and presentations in over 30 countries. He is resourceful expert, with the experience in various segments. Dr. Prem’s training programs are comprehensive well researched programs that are practical oriented, which stimulate the thought process among the participants. The training workshops are interactive and are filled with facts, figures, tips and eye-opening success stories. There are case studies, group discussions, practical problem solving and question and answer sessions, which makes the sessions more interesting.


Personal Brand & Self Development

Healthcare Training | Coaching | Workshop Programs

Medical Tourism Training | Coaching | Workshop Programs

Leadership, Management & Business

Dr Prem & Associates’ Training Courses are available as:

Learn. Lead. Earn.

Any Where & Anytime through Dr Prem & Associates’ online training programs