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Healthcare Public Speaking Training

With the mounting gratitude of human values the society’s expectations from the healthcare field have experienced a fundamental change. Hospital and the healthcare industry are a part of the social system. They have to deal with healthcare professionals like doctors, paramedical and other related professionals. They also have to deal with personnel from the management […]

Investment Consultant

Investment is delicate venture and needs careful judgment and well-informed decision making. Organizations should have reasonable investment plans and recommendations, which matches their status. As the market becomes volatile, the investment plans may suffer, if they are not prepared for the change. With the changing investment environment, changes in tax provisions, it is necessary to […]

Mergers and Acquisition expert

Mergers and Acquisition is a skilled job where the company needs to assess the situation very carefully. There is strong market research and planning required at every step. This needs to be coupled up with risks assessment, discovering opportunities and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business markets. When an organization undertakes this kind […]

Online media consultant

Dr. Prem as Online Media Consultant Today’s world is full of networking and showcasing. Everybody, may be an individual or a small business group or a large organization, is making use of a platform to showcase their talents, to market their offerings and to augment their business connections. Internet has proved to be a boon in […]

Start-Up consultant

Dr Prem as Start-Up Consultant A start-up business is not a simple task and should be dealt with carefully. Many new business owners may find it difficult to cope with the market risks, expenses and may even fall short of the right ideas and planning required for a successful business. For start-up businesses it may […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr Prem, a renowned chartered consultant, not only provides strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultancy services; in fact he has developed many successful strategies to tackle issues be developing strategies: For healthcare initiatives For the environment For local communities For working conditions For lifestyle improvements For cultural sensitiveness Dr Prem understands the growing importance of […]

Dr Prem’s Training Programs

Respected & magnificent trainer, Dr Prem Jagyasi has provided training through numerous focused workshops and presentations in over 30 countries. He is resourceful expert, with the experience in various segments. Dr. Prem’s training programs are comprehensive well researched programs that are practical oriented, which stimulate the thought process among the participants. The training workshops are […]

Healthcare Marketing Workshop Presenter

As a commissioned Healthcare Marketing workshop presenter, Dr Prem is an eminent Healthcare Marketing workshop presenter who offers high‐profile workshop presentation services to Government establishments and private healthcare establishments. Dr Prem typically constructs up an individualized Healthcare Marketing schedule intended to fortify your organization’s position in this eternally swift market. Dr Prem aids one to […]

Strategic Trainer for Healthcare organization

Dr Prem fetches a communal understanding of over fifteen years in the arena of healthcare marketing and communications. The establishment realizes the necessities of its customers and the dissimilar market powers at play in the local healthcare sector. As a healthcare association, your obligation to advertise hospital amenity lines on such a marginal financial plan […]

Healthcare Marketing Management Trainer

Healthcare Marketing Management Trainer for Healthcare Professionals A complete marketing strategy is needed to make solid and extraordinary communications through all your administration’s communication accomplishments. Various healthcare organizations undervalue the supremacy of training healthcare experts within the organizations: Dr Prem assists Hospitals about what healthcare professionals saying to customer/patients in the workplace, on the telephone, […]