Mergers and Acquisition expert

Mergers and Acquisition is a skilled job where the company needs to assess the situation very carefully. There is strong market research and planning required at every step. This needs to be coupled up with risks assessment, discovering opportunities and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business markets.

When an organization undertakes this kind of venture, it has varying effects on its own corporate, financial and social image. Hence, such projects require meticulous planning and prudent decision making by the organization.

Mergers and Acquisition expert

When enormous details and versatile approach is required for such mergers and acquisition projects, it is a wise decision to consult an expert. Mostly merger experts are financial experts as well. They are fully aware of the business world, the fiscal market and the global picture of economy. Additionally, they are excellent negotiators and have all the abilities required for turning the table on to their organization’s side.

Why choose Dr. Prem?

Dr. Prem is a world renowned chartered consultant and an experience merger and acquisition expert. He has worked with many governments and is aware of the different regulations pertaining to mergers. Dr. Prem has the experience and the ability to work in any kind of set-up and support the organization during every step of business alliance. His methodology of work in Mergers and Acquisitions includes:

  • Identifying targets and selection – tapping new business opportunities after thorough evaluation of market. Conducting research and screening of potential acquisition targets.
  • Forecasting and assessment – Making projections on the basis of market scenario and examining the financial viability.
  • Evaluation and metrics – Strategic planning and execution of merger deals. Developing evaluation system and metrics to determine the progress of the project. Identifying meager schemes and rectifying them when required.
  • Following these steps is the march of the post merger management. This includes analysis and evaluation over a period of time, adding value to the project, setting up further goals, identifying areas of improvement, working on sales targets and cost efficiency.

Dr. Prem is a dedicated guide and takes the organization securely through every important milestone to reach the target. Dr. Prem has the knowledge of key factors required for mergers and acquisitions. Some of those factors include developing valuation techniques, identifying strategic buyer, developing plans for market downturns, importance of due diligence, negotiations and leveraged buyouts.

How can Dr. Prem make a difference?

Dr. Prem brings with him a vast experience in this field and has the industry knowledge required to build a sound business venture. He is a meticulous planner and conscientiously develops business strategies that take his organizations forward. Dr. Prem has worked with many large organizations and in several countries. This gives him an added advantage as he is well aware of the global perspective and the different cultures. He is an excellent speaker and possesses exceptional communication skills. Dr. Prem has the exposure and hands on experience required for the merger and acquisition dealings. He works in accordance with the client’s needs and helps them to make critical decisions at every step. Dr. Prem offers unsurpassed guidance throughout the merger transaction process and provides effective solutions to maximize acquisition benefits.